Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mountain zen

No work, no schedule, no responsibility, no children, no to-do lists, no chores, and no stress.  Sounds like the definition of zen to me!

Six of us girls went away for the weekend, leaving behind our children, our husbands, our weekend chores, and most important, our routines!  No cooking (except for Lisa, God bless her, who volunteered to make us Creme brule French Toast Saturday morning), no chasing kids, no studying (at least two of our group would normally be cracking a few books on the weekend), no triathlon training for Patricia, no taking care of anybody but ourselves!  When was the last time you had nobody to take care of; not a pet, not a child, not a spouse or partner, not even a house plant - nobody!  Hence, again, I say, it was pure zen and bliss.

I actually found time to sit down and scrapbook, looking out the window of our beautiful Radium Hotsprings Condo to the mountains and the beautiful Columbia Valley, glass of red wine in hand, soothing music playing in the background, fire place on in the background, and all the other girls out at the hot springs.  I chose quiet time for myself and was richly rewarded by the most overwhelming peace I've felt in years.

Another blessing was not having to go to bed.  As I sit here at the computer watching the clock in the bottom right hand corner, counting down the minutes until I really should be in bed, I realize how amazing it is to be able to stay up until whenever you want!  When you have small children you know that they will be up bright and early. They don't care that you went to bed at midnight because you were in a zone with your scrapbooking or writing.  They don't care that you'd like to sleep in until 9.  And when they wake up they have immediate needs!  There's no time to ease into the day while you slowly come to life.  On the weekend however, I could stay up late knowing that I'd have zero responsibility the next morning and that it wouldn't even matter if I was crazy tired because I stayed up until 2am.  Being tired when you have only yourself to care for is much much easier than being tired and having to dress, de-poo, and make breakfast for a demanding toddler. 

We had great food, fabulous fellowship that can only truly be found in the midst of a group of amazing women, and even some good muscle burning exercise.  I took the girls up to the Panorama Mountain Ski Resort to the Nordic Centre for some skiing and snowshoeing.  One of the girls hadn't been on snowshoes since they became aluminum and ceased to look like wooden tennis rackets, and two of the girls couldn't remember the last time they snowshoed in the mountains, only remembering a time a couple years ago when they walked around a park in the city.  Patricia and I are best ski buds and I was ecstatic to be sharing my twentieth ski day of the winter with her.  The six of us reached the Hale Hut in time to have a late lunch and were delighted to have the warm little cabin to ourselves.  We were praying that somebody would come along though to get a group photo and just when we were starting to think we'd have to figure out the self timer on my camera another couple showed up to snap a couple photos.  Spirits were high the whole time and we all enjoyed our experience be it on skis or snowshoes.

I don't know if it's a mom thing or if it's something to do with my increasing age, but spending quality time with girlfriends is becoming increasingly important to me.  I'm shocked that I've only thought of doing this girl's trip to British Columbia once a year.  I can't believe I've never done an all girl's backpacking trip, or gone on an all girl's vacation.  I foresee a lot of girl power in my future and I feel blessed to have so many amazing girls in my life I can call friends.

Thank you to the beautiful spirits I spent the weekend with; Patricia, Maya, Liesel, Catherine, and Lisa.

Here's my favorite photos from the weekend.

On my way up to the Hale Warming Hut at Panorama

Lisa arriving at the hut

Our happy group at the hut

Catherine and Liesel about to head back down to the Village.
Patricia - always so radiant

Maya and Liesel

Our lovely Catherine

Patricia and Catherine on their way back to the Village

The snowshoe girls arriving at the Village

Our Condo and the view from my window; sheep down below


  1. Oh, I'm so envious! And I've NEVER been snowshoeing! I'm adding that to my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Snowshoeing is a very affordable activity and lots of fun when you have good powder to walk through. I hope you get to go sometime. If you live here, the season is far from done.