Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Gift - SNOW


Yes, it's April and many of you are already wearing shorts with sandals.  Most of the comments I get on my blog though are from people captivated by the amounts of snow we get (and continue to get) here.  Therefore, today I dedicate Friday's Gift to all of you Southern men and women.  Here is a look at my life in the Canadian Rockies where we learn at a young age to either love snow or move somewhere else.  


Skoki Lodge, Lake Louise


Winter Camping at the HI Kananaskis


Doesn't everybody make snowmen in March?


Our backcountry trip to Elk Lakes Provincial Park
Spring hiking in Jasper National Park


This was the the night of the Summer Solstice on Moose Mountain several years ago, Kananaskis


This is how I spent Canada Day last year  - yes I'm crazy!


Lake O'Hara in Summer with fresh snow that had fallen the night before


Fresh snow in Larch Valley, Lake Louise


Hiking in Sundance Canyon, Banff National Park



Snowshoeing at Elbow Lake, Kananaskis


Skiing in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

To quote a comment I got on my last post, Snowy Adventures in Elk Lakes Provincial Park:
 Love the pictures of all that snow. It looks like so much fun. But coming from the southern U.S., I have to ask-- When does your snow start to melt? When is your summer season? Here in Georgia, we are already in shorts and sandals.

The answer:
I'm not sure we know what Summer is.  Even when it is warm and sunny, we still seem to choose snowy adventures that take us high up in the mountains where the snow never really melts.  We've found ways to embrace our cold weather and have learned to love skiing as much as hiking.  We go camping year round but choose to stay in cabins when there's snow on the ground.  It's a special climate we have here and it is certainly not for everybody but we've grown to enjoy it most of the time.


  1. That is so amazing to me! I have been assuming that all that snow was because it was winter. I can't imagine snow all 12 months. We did not get any snow this year and last year, I believe we had 1 day of snow. Enough for my kids to make a small snowman with a little grass stuck to him because there just wasn't enough to give him a clean snow look. I have a whole new respect for you. Well, in that case... Happy Spring! I look forward to more great posts and snow covered pics!

    1. We are hoping the snow will at least start to melt soon in the foothills so we can start spring hiking. And I'd like to start seeing green grass and flowers. Might be time for a vacation South.

  2. I just found you through the moms contest and I can't believe there's that much snow there all year round....but I guess it is in the mountains. lol I'm in Ontario.

    I have a 2 year old and love hiking so this blog is great for me :D

    1. Hi Ali, glad you found me. Yes the snow is mostly in the mountains but Calgary can get snow 8 months of the year for sure! Crazy Place we live!