Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ode to Spring

Looking through all the photos I took last weekend on our trip to Fairmont Hotsprings, BC I was unable to really come up with one central theme or story - other than "Yay, it's finally Spring."  We didn't do anything super adventurous, I don't have any big stories to tell (other than that I got bit by my first tick - stupid bug!), and I don't really feel like writing a formal review for Fairmont Hotsprings or the Columbia Valley.  Therefore, all I'm going to do is share my photos with you in what I think is a fitting tribute to Spring.

Yes, that's grass - and it's green!!
Hiking at the Fairmont Hotsprings Resort
Waterfall below the Fairmont Hotsprings swimming pool
Throwing rocks in the creek at Fairmont Hotsprings
A child can spend hours playing in a creek

We took a trip to Findlay Falls - our first visit and a beautiful spot (wear good shoes for the hike in - not sandals)
Beginner bouldering at Findlay Falls
Jumbo pine cones on the Findlay Falls trail
Hiking with Daddy
We don't have this kind of pine tree in Alberta and I think they are so beautiful

First flowers of the season
Next time you think you're having a crappy day - think of this poor little tree
Taking a walk in Canal Flats
Noah's sweet ride, the Piggy back carrier
Playing in the grass outside our hotel room at the Fairmont Hotsprings Resort
Digging in the flower beds - I gave him the idea so it's my fault.
Soaking in the hotsprings
Sweetest playground at Kinsmen Beach, Invermere

Playing in the sand - Summer will be here soon and we'll be swimming too!
Pussy Willows spotted in Canmore on the way home
Noah had never seen pussy willows before
Coolest trail in Canmore along Policeman's Creek - and short!  (it also ends at a pub with a playground - the Rose and Crown)


I'd love to hear your favourite thing about Spring.



  1. I've been saying for years that pubs should have playgrounds-- it only makes sense ;) Your pictures are gorgeous. We have a Fairmont Hot Springs down here in Montana, but the view isn't quite as nice. It's still lovely, though. Yay for spring!

    1. Yes, more pubs should have playgrounds Mel. This one has an awesome patio with the children's play area right there.