Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday's Gift - DADS


Today,  I am thankful for my husband and for outdoor dads all around the world who take their children camping, hiking, skiing, and exploring in nature.  

In honour of Father's Day, here are a few suggestions for practical gifts you can give the outdoor dad this year:

One - Go for a hike and then take Dad to a family-friendly pub for dinner afterward.  Let him have a couple beers and offer to drive home.  If you live in the Calgary area, there are several good pubs that take kids in the Canmore/Banff area:
  • Rose And Crown, Canmore (even has a playground on the patio)
  • The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, Canmore
  • The Drake, Canmore
  • St. James Gate, Banff
  • The Station Pub, Lake Louise
  • The Outpost Pub in the Post Hotel, Lake Louise

Two - Get everything ready for the weekend's camping trip or Saturday's Hike.  Surprise him by having the car packed and ready to go Friday when he gets home from work.  Or, let him sleep in on Saturday and get everything packed up so he doesn't have to do anything other than have breakfast and get dressed.  If that's asking too much, offer to put everything away at the end of the trip while he relaxes.

Three - Plan a trip with another family - hopefully one where the Dads are friends.  Dad will relax a lot more and enjoy his day if he has another buddy along on the journey.  

Four - Ask Dad what he would like to do this weekend.  Sometimes we just assume they'd like to go hiking or camping but if fishing is more his thing - go fishing together, as a whole family.  If he likes rock climbing, offer to belay and take a trip out to the crag together.   Maybe he can even give the kids a lesson on the wall.  The point is, let Dad decide what you will do this weekend and make it about him.

Five - Buy him something that he can use on this weekend's adventures.  I bought my husband a new hibachi grill for camping after he was eying up his friend's grill a few weeks ago.  Little did I know, most grills today use propane and I bought him one that uses charcoal.  Fortunately, he hasn't burned anything down while trying it out this week in the backyard and the hamburgers we had last night were probably the best barbecued burgers I've had. 

I'm going to leave you with some of my favourite photos of my boys.


  1. Looking forward to spending some time with my son on Sunday and planning a hiking trip for the next weekend.