Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wenger by Eco Bottle - Review

I was asked if I'd like to try out the new Wenger by Eco Bottle water bottles a couple months ago and I responded enthusiastically because I'm always searching for the perfect water bottle.  In my opinion, there was no such thing as a truly awesome water bottle.  They either leaked, tasted like cheap plastic, failed to keep my water cold, or were just plain hard to open and close quickly.

My water bottles have to be able to perform!  When I'm in the middle of a fitness class I need a bottle that I can get water out of very quickly!  I only have a few seconds between songs in my Zumba classes and don't have time to fiddle with a finicky screw top cap.  If it takes too long to get the lid or stopper off and back on secure, it's in the garbage on my way out of the gym.  I had one cheap bottle where I could never quite line the threads up to get the stopper screwed on correctly.  It would  get bumped over in class and water would gush everywhere.  That doesn't make you very popular when there's water all over the dance floor.

I've had bottles leak so badly that my backpack quickly became soaked on day hikes.  My son's Camelbak water bottle leaks so badly that he can't bend over to pick up a stick on a hike without water running down his pants.  The mesh bag on his backpack is soaked within half an hour on every hike we do.  I've started carrying juice boxes and leaving his expensive but crappy bottle at home.

Then there's my pet peeve with the wide mouthed Nalgene bottles.  They are awesome bottles and they will always come with us on our backcountry trips because of the amount of liquid they can carry.  Few bottles can carry a full Litre of water and be so incredibly light.  However, I always get drips all over me from the lids!  Try drinking wine out of one without getting red drops down your shirt or jacket.  It could be said that maybe it's time to find a new way to carry my wine into the backcountry (or at least bring a plastic glass to drink it out of) but I've also transported smoothies in them and ended up with milk all over my shirt - again from the drippy lid.  If you've used a Nalgene bottle you know what I mean.  The lid collects liquid and unless you hold the lid flat in your hand while you drink, that liquid is going to go somewhere.

Enter the Cadillac of Water Bottles:  The Wenger by Eco Bottle!  Every problem with water bottles I've ever had has been solved.  They have different kinds of water bottles and I was sent both an 800ml (27oz) sport top bottle along with a 650ml (22oz) dual top water bottle. I can't really give a positive review for the sport top bottle out of personal preference.  I prefer to drink more openly out of a water bottle rather than sucking my water out in tiny sips.  I know many people who like sport top bottles and if you do, I'm sure you'd love this water bottle.  Myself, I found I really had to suck to get the water out of the bottle and I only tried it once as a result. 

The Dual top bottle is a whole different story.  I have carried this bottle everywhere with me since the first hike I took it on.  I don't think I'd ever be able to find such an amazing water bottle and I've been raving about it to all of my friends.  I think it's shining moment was when we came back to our vehicles after a very hot weekend in the backcountry and everybody was dying for cold water.  I had left my Wenger by Eco Bottle in the car filled with water from the drive out to the mountains.  I grabbed it and the water was still refrigerator cold!  It had sat in a hot car for two days in +30C temperatures and stayed cold.  I wanted to get on my knees and say, "All hail the most amazing water bottle ever!"

The Dual Top Wenger By Eco Bottle Water bottle

The features I love about the bottle:

First - It's pure aluminum and so the water tastes amazing out of it.  No plastic taste at all! 

Second - The dual top feature is revolutionary in my opinion!  The bottle starts as a wide mouthed bottle - easy for cleaning and filling.  You can add ice to your water or fill your bottle with powders, fruit chunks, smoothies, etc. Then you screw on the first lid  that you will drink out of.  Now you have a narrow mouthed bottle that's easier for drinking out of.  Finally, there is a tiny stopper that you screw on top with just a half twist.  It seals tightly with no leaking - at all!

Third -  Did I mention - it does not leak!!  This is because of the patented triple lock system.  It's a quick triple thread that seals the bottle in just half a twist.  I love that you only need to do half a twist to close the stopper on top.  With other bottles of the same design you have to twist, and twist some more, and more... - always wondering if you screwed the cap on tight enough.  I can actually twist the cap on while driving and it's easy enough to do between songs in my fitness classes when I have just seconds to grab a drink.

Fourth - The water bottle fits my bicycle water bottle holder, my car's cup holders,  and the pouches on my backpacks.  I can't say the same for my Nalgene bottles.  It's also not so tall that it tips easily.  Other bottles may hold more liquid but tip over easily when I go around corners in my car. 

Finally, I love  the coating on the lid that you drink out of.  I've had bottles of this kind before where the mouth piece was aluminum and I didn't like the way it felt against my mouth.  This bottle has a hard plastic-like coating on the mouth piece (BPA free) that is divine to drink from.

Technical Specs:

  • The bottles are 100%  BPA free (including the liner) and made from pure aluminum.  
  • The stoppers are made of imported poyphrophylene PP and tehrmoplast TPR. (That means everything about the bottle is safe)
  • The body is made from a single piece of aluminum with no seem - meaning bacteria can't collect around the seem
  • The bottles are dishwasher safe
  • The sport top bottles can handle carbonated beverages
  • The bottle is fully recyclable
  • The bottles come in four colours (red, yellow, black and white)

Overall, I have only suggestion for Wenger by Eco Bottle for future bottles:

I would love to see more colours and patterns on the bottles.  My Sport Top Bottle is black with a picture of a Swiss army knife on it.  It's not very feminine.  My bright yellow Dual Top Bottle is much better but still, it has a logo that says "Patagonian Expedition Race" on it which is great for the mountains, less so if I just want a pretty water bottle to take to the gym.  I'm thinking hot pink or bright orange with flowers or something would be more in line with my tastes anyway.

Where can you get your bottle?

Good news for Canadians - London Drugs is carrying these incredible bottles.  You don't need to order them, pay shipping for them, or go to a specialty shop.  And they're only listed at $20 on the website.  That's reasonable for such a high quality bottle that you'll use for years in my opinion.
For more information go to the Wenger by Eco Bottle website.

If you don't live near a London Drugs, shipping information can be found on the website as well should you need to go that route.  


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.

  2. Yesterday at the gym I was enjoying a steam bath and guzzling my ice cold water from my Wenger when, all of a suddempn, slippery chunks were in my mouth! Uggh! I outed it out then and there and there was quite a bit. Seems like the coating at the bottom of the bottle has broken doepwn and broken away. I think I've removed it all, the coating on the sides seems intact, but this is very troubling!!!

    1. That is disturbing. Please contact the company directly because they would want to know about this for sure.