Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skating Season in the Rockies

I promised many of you that I would let you know the second I found out that people in Banff were skating on the ponds and lakes - so here it is - skaters have been seen on Cascade Ponds and Vermillion Lakes.

Skating Season has begun.  I myself have not been out in Banff since last weekend when the lakes were definitely not frozen yet so please, please, take caution if you are going to head out this weekend searching for frozen water.

And take a minute to read this very informative post by the Town of Banff with lots of ice safety information.

These ponds and lakes are not professionally cleared or maintained.  Be prepared that if there's too much snow, you won't be able to skate.  Skating season does not occur every year and we often have to accept that snow will fall before the water can freeze enough for safe skating.

Skating on Johnston Lake - there was a one-week window last winter in November for this lake

To find out more about skating season, visit the Calgary's Child Website and read the story I wrote for them titled, Skating Season in Banff.  This story covers where to skate in the Banff, Canmore, and Kananaskis areas.  It covers both natural ponds and lakes as well as maintained rinks such as the lovely pond at Kananaskis Village or the cleared section of Lake Louise.

Skating at Kananaskis Village on the pond

Skating is one of the easiest family-friendly ways to enjoy winter.  It's affordable, and rentals are easy to find.  If your family doesn't skate yet, maybe this is the winter to learn.  :)

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