Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sacred Saturdays and Family Values

It's nearing the end of the week and if your to-do list looks anything like mine, it's loooong! Way too long! I don't know how it happens but I start off strong every Monday with great ambitions to conquer the world, get a mountain of tasks done during the week, and finish with a glass of wine on Friday before taking the weekend off. Yet, once again, the weekend is going to arrive with half of my list still unfinished.

With my to-do list looming over me and the weekend on my doorstep, it's very hard to leave the rest of my work till next week and get outside for some family friendly outdoor fun.  Yet, Saturdays are sacred to us.  We don't work, we don't run errands or clean the house and we don't do anything we have to do. 

Much more fun than vacuuming

To find more about our Sacred Saturday philosophy and how we strive to blend family time with those pesky chores we feel we should be doing instead, check out the story I just wrote for Jennifer at Mommy Hiker.  Sacred Saturdays and Family Values was published today over at Jennifer's blog as part of her monthly guest blogger series.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend filled with family bonding, adventure, and fun!  Your dirty floors will wait till Monday and the dust bunnies likely won't decide to physically attack you in your sleep.

Sacred Saturdays


  1. Totally agree!
    The dustbunnies can wait, mush more fun being outdoors :)

  2. Tanya, after hearing you refer to this a few weeks ago, we've been implementing our own version of sacred Saturdays and it's been great. We haven't quite gotten to the no errands and cleaning yet, but we are making it outside every Saturday.