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It's So Puffy!! Introducing the Kids' Molehill Down Jacket

Warm kids - like, love, need, and willing to do whatever it takes to get them, right?   I know my son is much happier outside when he's warm and toasty.   Not so happy when he's cold, wet, or otherwise uncomfortable.  And so, every year we try out new jackets, always trying to find that magical coat that will guarantee maximum warmth over a cold Canadian winter.  Thanks To Mountain Baby and Molehill Mountain Equipment, I think we're good this year!

Introducing - our new Molehill Down Jacket!

I remember the first time I walked into the Mountain Baby store in Nelson, BC while on vacation out that way.  I'd never been in an outdoor store that focused entirely on kids' outdoor clothing and gear before, and there was much drooling. Imagine walking around a store, looking at backpacks, jackets, clothes, boots, travel accessories... - and it's all for children!  (you probably have to be a mom to appreciate this.)  I don't recall buying anything at the time but as a new mom I had a list a mile long of things I certainly wanted by the time I left the store!

Fast forward a few years now and we have realized you can order on line from Mountain Baby and get items shipped right to your house all across Canada and even the United States.  Live in the far reaches of Alaska?  They'll even find your house!

Our new down jacket was shipped right to our door

Our first item from Mountain Baby - the Molehill kids' down jacket.  Molehill Mountain Equipment has spent the last fifteen years making quality children's clothing and gear in an effort to encourage an outdoor lifestyle for families.  Based out of the United States, this little known company claims to make the best kids' outdoor clothing on the planet "to insure your child's comfort so that you can worry about other things."  Now, if that's true, I'm very interested in checking out this company a bit more.  You?

Sledding with our new jacket

While it hasn't really been cold enough here yet to justify wearing a full down jacket while playing in the snow, we did take the new coat out for a spin (or should I say slide) yesterday for a couple of hours.  What I'm liking so far:
One - As the title says, It's so Puffy!!! This jacket is made with 700 goose down fill power!  A similar jacket from North Face would only be made with 550 down fill.  

Two - Puffy means light!  The 85g fill guarantees your child will feel like he or she is literally wearing nothing. Most kids I know do not want to be wearing some heavy coat when they're trying to run up and down slides, climb up a toboggan hill, or roll around in the snow.  In fact, many kids grow up hating winter because of the heavy bulky clothing they've been forced to wear in order to keep warm.

My little blue marshmallow man

Three - The WARMTH!  The Jacket has a 70/30 down fill ratio - and claims to be the warmest insulated jacket on the market!  (and did I mention I live in Canada where we still go out to play when it's -25C?)
Four - It's tough enough to handle rough and tumble outdoor play with a rip-stop nylon exterior.  Everybody with small children knows this is important!  I don't know about you, but I do not want to fork out a lot of money for a coat, only to have my child tear a hole in it after wearing it a few times.

Sledding - bumps and all!

Five - The lifetime warranty against all defects in material or workmanship.  I like a company that is willing to stand behind their claim at making quality products.

Six - The water repellant treatment to help repel moisture - which ensures we can wear the jacket for everything from sledding to skiing, skating, or just plain rolling around in the snow.  We tested that thoroughly yesterday and at the end of two hours in the snow, my son was toasty dry and warm.  The jacket was damp on the exterior but completely dry on the inside.  

Can you do this in your down jacket?

Seven - The hood!!! This jacket has the most magnificent of hoods I've ever seen on a kid's coat.  It's fully insulated, removable for warmer days when you don't want the added bulk, and has Velcro straps under the chin to fully cinch it around the child's face, providing maximum warmth to the neck, chin, and lower face.  

Sweetest Hood!

So, I ask you, what's not to like?  

So far, my only complaint, if I have one, is that it tends to ride up a lot when playing and running around.  It is actually so puffy that it kind of floats around my son's body and doesn't stay down over his belly a lot of the time.  Not a big problem though for us since we'll be wearing it with ski pants most of the time.  We have ski pants with a full bib on them so even when it was riding higher than ideal, his stomach was still dry and warm underneath.   However, if you just wanted to wear it over rain pants, this could be a potential problem.  

Intrigued in what else Molehill sells?  Check out their collection on line at Mountain Baby or on their Molehill Mountain Equipment website directly.  Clothing can be shipped from either place for Americans while Canadians will most likely want to order direct through the Mountain Baby store. 

For more information and technical details on the Molehill down jacket that we are testing this winter, visit the link here to the Mountain Baby site.  It comes in both blue or a neat berry colour and sizing goes all the way from 2T to 8-10 for older children.

Warm, Dry, and HAPPY!

Disclaimer:  I was offered a jacket for review from Mountain Baby.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

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