Thursday, March 27, 2014

Folllow Your Feet To Make a Difference

Most of you following my blog should know that I'm a proud Keen Canada Ambassador.  I wear their shoes and sandals with pride and have been crazy enough to even go backpacking in my Keen sandals.  They've been worn while hiking on a glacier, they've been my companion on my SUP board while out paddling, and they go on each and every camping trip!  They are my best adventure friend (along with my husband and son of course.)  Meanwhile, my Keen hiking boots have seen some pretty impressive places as well.  This Mama does not need and will not wear mountaineering boots!

My Keen Hiking Boots took me HERE.

Keen Canada has a new initiative right now called "Follow Your Feet - Make a Difference."  The idea is that if you follow your feet, live out your passions, and chase your dreams, you can make a difference in the lives of others.  By choosing to do what makes you happy, you will seek to influence others in the same way to spread the happiness.

Blissfully Happy - Who Wants to Follow Me?

I love paddling, climbing, hiking and camping but it's a new sport that's actually taken the lead for me over the past year.  I bought my first bike two summers ago after not riding since high school.  It was a cheap $100 Kijiji special, weighed a ton, and didn't exactly perform well on hills.   But, I loved that bike and have only just sold it this spring for a real mountain bike that will hopefully take me where I want to go this summer.

Riding with my son in Kelowna last summer

I bought my first adult bike and decided to give the sport a try after realizing my son had an all consuming passion for riding!  I could tell it was his ultimate summer passion for outdoor sports and I wanted to be able to enjoy it with him.  Now we’d both choose biking as our favourite activity. (with stand up paddleboarding a very close second for me.)

Biking in Radium Hotsprings last September

I followed my feet and ultimately my son's feet to find a new passion.  Since then, I've gone on to motivate and raise up a new generation of junior bikers in my city.  I've formed a Junior Biker Gang and I plan group rides at least once or twice a month from spring through fall.  It's based out of the Calgary Outdoor Playgroups community that I founded two years ago now and all of the riders are between the ages of 2 and 6.  Last year the large majority of kids were on balance bikes but I expect them to be ripping around on their pedal bikes this year.

Members of my Junior Biker Gang in Kananaskis last Spring

I wrote a series on my blog last spring called Kids on Wheels and in this series I covered everything from forming your own Junior Biker Gang to choosing a good bike, making bike riding fun for kids, and an introduction to bike hiking (a new sport I "created" by bringing balance bikes on hiking trails.)

Bike Hiking in Kananaskis last Spring

For more information on Keen Canada's new initiative and to read stories from other Keen Ambassadors, click here on Follow Your Feet - Make a Difference

For more information on my Junior Biker Gang or Calgary Outdoor Playgroups, visit the tab at the top of my blog or find us on Facebook

First Group Ride this Year in Confederation Park

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