Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter Biking with the Stiga Kick Combo Scooter

I know I say "best" a lot when I write (the best campground, best hike, best bike ride...) but I've definitely never written a story about a toy before or found one that I would say is the best outdoor product on the market for kids.  Until now...

I am in love with my son's new Stiga Kick Combo Scooter!  ("Combo" means it comes with wheels and skis.)  And Noah's pretty thrilled about the new toy too.  It has the potential to change the way we get outside and is actually working wonders at making me feel more calm and happy.

First Ride on the new Stiga Kick Scooter

Reasons to love scooters:


Kids can go crazy fast on scooters

While this might sound slightly scary (especially if the child isn't very good at braking yet,) consider this:
  • You get an adult-paced walk in!
  • Adult-paced walking means good exercise for Mama!! (and less guilt over not using that gym membership.)
  • You can choose to bike alongside if you prefer or you can get a jog in.  If I were a runner, I'd be running a good 5km per day chasing my son on his scooter with the current spring like weather we are having.
  • Younger kids will keep up on balance bikes so there's options for everybody!
  • You can push a chariot with your babe or toddler in it while your older child rides his scooter.  It's win win for everybody.

Matching Stiga Kick Scooters


The learning curve is very small

My son is awesome at riding a bike so maybe that's why we experienced such a small learning curve.  However, I'm still impressed that in maybe 4 trips out with the scooter, my son has taught himself to kick, to glide, and to brake.  I taught him none of that.

I hear parents complain all the time about how they can't teach their child to ride a bike because they have two children and can't focus on both at the same time when one needs constant help with his or her bike.  Or, mom wants dad to be home to help with the biking (and it currently gets dark here by 5:00pm.)  Enter the scooter where you don't have to do anything!  I did not run alongside holding my son up, I didn't have to put a hand on his back or around his neck, and I could have very easily been pushing a stroller or helping another child on a balance bike.

Year round riding in Calgary

Scooters are awesome as "winter bikes"

We love our Spawn pedal bike and  a scooter will never replace it.  However, in winter we have icy sidewalks, leftover snow on our pathways, and sketchy conditions for riding.  I'm just not comfortable having my son ride his bike to school right now.  The scooter however, is easy to hop on and off of whenever we encounter ice.  My son is getting very good at jumping off when he sees a slippery patch.  He walks over and starts riding again.  It's ideal for winter riding and commuting to school!!!

Commuting to school on the Stiga Kick Scooter

Scooters are easy to transport!

Again, we love our bikes but I have to admit, they are a pain in the butt to transport!  I have to take the truck and put on the bike rack the night before.  This means planning a bike ride in advance.  With the scooter though, I can just throw it in the back of my car and off we go.  My son's teacher has even been letting me store it in the hallway outside his class at school right now.  (with a warning that come spring it can't stay there - fair enough.)

Coffee dates and walks with Mom


Scooters are just plain EASY

I love my bike but sometimes I just want to go for a simple walk.  I want to bring my coffee mug and sip away at my beautiful hot drink while walking alongside my son on his scooter.  It's easy and there's so much less equipment to pack on our outings.  And best of all, when we get to our coffee shop or destination, it's pretty easy to just bring the scooter inside with us rather than looking for bike racks.

The city clears these river pathways year round for cyclists and riders


Finally, Mama needs quiet time!

I love my son but I also require daily periods of quiet time and I get this when we do our scooter walks.  My son is always a good block ahead of me so I basically get to go for a peaceful quiet walk by myself.  I've taught Noah to wait for me at corners, intersections, road crossings, etc. and he knows to stay on the ride side of a pathway or sidewalk.  He's also 6 years old so I fully trust him to be riding ahead of me (while still in sight.)

I am starting to fall in love with our scooter walks which have the perfect blend of quiet time for me, and together time with my son.  I might even cry when the snow comes back and we have to hang up the scooter for another few months till spring.

Scooting around downtown Calgary

Why buy a Combo Scooter

We got our scooter from Mastermind Toys and it's a combo model which means it comes with wheels and skis.  We've tried the skis on the scooter and found it to be challenging if you've never used a scooter before.  Now that Noah's figured it out with wheels though, I fully expect him to enjoy the scooter with both wheels and skis.  In a city like Calgary where you can have bare sidewalks one day and then a full blizzard the next day (even in May) it's a good option to have both wheels and skis.  It means you will get to use the scooter 12 months out of the year if you want and practice makes perfect when using it year-round.

Special thanks to Mastermind Toys for the Stiga Kick Combo Scooter that was given to us.  I'd recommend it for any child 5+ with the understanding that the skis will have a higher learning curve and might not get used until the child is a bit older. Fortunately, your child will have plenty of time to get good at the skis because the scooter maxes out at 50kg or 110 pounds!! Safe to say my son won't reach that point for several years!

Trying the Stiga Kick Scooter with ski attachment

So far we are finding our scooter to be stable, sturdy, and able to handle the abuse a typical 5 or 6 year old will throw at it.  It's also extremely light so I don't mind carrying it to school if I have to for the ride home when it's less icy and a bit warmer than the morning commute.

More information on the Stiga Kick Combo Scooter can be found on the Mastermind Toys website .

Here's a final video of the scooter in use with wheels:

Disclaimer:  The Stiga scooter was provided to my family to try out and review but all words are my own and I now want to buy a scooter for myself.


  1. Scooting with the ski attachment looks so fun!!

  2. Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field.

  3. I would like to bring my coffee mug and sip away at my beautiful hot drink while going for walks alongside my son on the scooter. It's easy and there's much less equipment to pack in our outings.

  4. I am starting to love our scooter walks which have the right blend of quiet time for myself, and together time with my child. I might even cry when the snow comes back and we need to hang up the scooter for another month or two till spring.

  5. We've tried the skis for the scooter and found it to be challenging options never used a scooter before. Seeing that Noah's figured it out with trolley wheels though, I fully expect him to relish the scooter with both wheels along with skis.