Monday, October 26, 2015

Autumn is MAGICAL! Seize it!

I know that if you are from Canada you feel like autumn is almost finished and you're getting ready for the next season already. We've started shopping for new ski gear and we are just weeks away from our first snowshoeing trip. However, snow is just part of the autumn magic here in the Canadian Rockies and it's technically not winter until sometime in December. (December 21st to be exact.)

Autumn is Magical! Seize It!!

I've recently written a story for Bonbon Break on how to create an Autumn Magic List (because we all know I LOVE lists.) Below are some of the activities we've already checked off our list.

1. Enjoy a local theme park, zoo, or tourist attraction – without the crowds! Why not celebrate that summer vacation is over and you can actually walk around your local zoo and see animals rather than crowds of tourists. As somebody who doesn’t like large masses of people, I love autumn and welcome having some of my favorite places to myself again.

Autumn at the Calgary Zoo - no crowds! (just lots of lights)

2. Spend a day in the country. Nothing says autumn more than a day in the country running through a corn maze, hiking through golden trees, or picking pumpkins at a local farm.

Mini Golf, Tractor Rides, and a Day in the Country - Check!

3. Go camping one last time. I know it might be cold where you live by mid-October, but this is a great time to try comfort camping in a yurt or covered wall tent, to book a wilderness cabin or hut, or to stay in a back-country lodge.

Autumn Camping looks like this for us - Backcountry Camping in Banff

4. Throw an Outdoor Halloween Bash. (Check out this story that I wrote for BonBon Break last year to get inspired for this one.)

Our Third Annual Outdoor Halloween Party (40+ families this year)

5. Find Snow! I know, I said I wasn’t ready to say the “w” word, but you can enjoy a hike in the early season snow without having to think about winter yet. You may have to drive for it or to go find a ski hill that opens early in November, but it can be fun to escape the dreary days of late November with a quick trip to Narnia and the winter wonderland you’ll find when you step through the wardrobe.

First Snow Hike - Check (and this was the September long weekend)

Now, to read all TEN suggestions in my autumn magic list, some of which we've done, some of which will hopefully happen over the next week or two, please go to Bonbon Break to read the full story: Autumn Magic List - the Complete Story!

This story has been sponsored by Bonbon Break and Our Pact.Our Pact provides mobile guidance for families and teaches responsibility through technology.

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