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Another Winter Staying Warm with Stonz Wear (with giveaway!)

I have chosen to outfit my son in Stonz Wear winter bootz and mittz for a fourth season now and couldn't be happier with this decision. My now 7 year old has never had cold feet, ever, in his Stonz winter bootz, and this coming from a family who still gets out to hike when it is -30 C. My son does not need to use toe warmers and simply wears a good pair of Smart Wool socks inside his boots. As for his hands, my son never uses hand warmers and rarely ever complains of cold hands. On the rare occasion where his hands do get cold, a few fast arm circles always does the trick.

Another winter staying warm with Stonz Wear Bootz and Mittz

Why Stonz Wear ROCKS in a Nut Shell


Stonz Wear Mittz

Stonz Waterproof Mittz

Waterproof mittz fit over your child's jacket, do not come off when playing, and  prevent snow from making its way inside a jacket.

The Stonz mittz now have a waterproof, breathable lining - newly added to mittz for this season. The lining is also made of 3M Thinsulate helping kids' hands to stay warm as well as dry.

The mittz have skid-resistant coated grip on the palms, fleece on the back of the thumbs to wipe runny noses and clips to ensure they don't get separated when not being worn.

Stonz Wear Bootz

Stonz Wear claims that their Stonz Scout and Trek Winter Bootz are "the most lightweight, high-performance Winter Bootz on the market!" I can testify that they are definitely the lightest boots we've ever found, weighing next to nothing. They also perform for us in temps down to -30C so I'd call that "high performance" for sure!

The Trek Winter Bootz for children and youth have a temperature rating of -50C! And even the Scout Bootz have a rating of -30C. And while I certainly don't ever plan to go hiking when it's that cold, I do need the boots to keep my son's feet warm when it's -30C and he's not exerting himself much (walking to school or playing at the park for example.)

Stonz Winter Bootz and Mittz can take you to places like this.

Trek Winter Bootz offer 2 x the industry standard for skid resistance and 19 x the industry standard for sole abrasion. They keep a good re-sale value and I've been able to pass on my son's outgrown bootz to friends each year with very minimal wear and tear. They are still like new at the end of a season of heavy use.

The bootz have waterproof soles, have removable liners, are easy to put on, and keep a child's feet dry. My son has never had wet socks in them even after playing outside for hours in deep snow.

The boots stay on! They don't fall off in snow banks or come off while crawling around a playground.

Stonz Winter Bootz and Mittz for the Win

Previous Reviews for Stonz Winter Bootz and Mittz

Rather than re-writing my complete (and very positive) reviews from the past three seasons, I'm going to put all of the previous links here for you to read so that I can go on to then tell you what is NEW with Stonz Wear this season. There are many new and exciting things to tell you about with the company and their products.
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Stonz Outerwear for Kids

Another Winter with Stonz Children's Wear 

 What's NEW for 2016 with Stonz Wear

First, the mittz now have a 100% waterproof, breathable lining to ensure that your child's hands stay both warm and dry. Personally, I already thought the mittz were fully waterproof and we've never had a problem in previous seasons with wet hands. I can only therefore imagine how much warmer my son's hands will be this year if they were already pretty toasty the last few years.

Second, Toddler Booties (across sizes Medium, Large and X-Large) now have a durable, waterproof, recyclable sole. This is a new addition for 2016 and makes these booties much more practical in our winter climate.

Third, infant over-the-arm mittz also have a 100% waterproof breathable lining as of this fall.

Fourth, toddlers now get their own winter bootz in the same lightweight design as the children's bootz. The Scout Winter Bootz are new for Fall 2016, providing a "single-piece, lightweight and durable Winter Boot for sizes Toddler 5 - Toddler 9."

Stonz used to make the Trek Winter Bootz for Toddlers starting at size Toddler 5 but due to customer feedback they designed the Scout as an improvement for the small sizes (designed specifically for little feet with closures easier for a toddler to do themselves). The Scout is available in sizes T5-T9.

Read about all new features here.

Winter Kids need good Winter Gear! Thanks Stonz!

For More Information:

Please visit the Stonz Wear website for more information on all of their products. Stonz Wear is a Canadian company and there is free shipping on orders of $70+ in Canada and the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii.)

Several stores in Calgary also carry Stonz Products. Find stores here.

If ordering off their website, you can save 10% with the code ROCKIES10.

Staying Warm with Stonz Wear

Disclaimer: We received a pair of Stonz bootz and mittz for this review. As always, all opinions are my own and I wasn't paid for this review.


Enter to win a pair of Stonz toddler booties, newly updated with the addition of a durable, waterproof and recyclable sole. The winner will be able to choose their style based on availability. This contest is open to all Canadian and US residents and includes free shipping.

The contest closes on January 9th at midnight. A winner will be contacted the morning of the 10th. If I don't hear back from the winner by the 12th, I will choose a new winner.

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  1. If I won I would choose the Trek Winter Bootz - Slate Blue/Black for my son! Thanks!

  2. We are trying Stonz this year and would love to try the booties for chariot rides and really snowy days.

  3. We hiked Johnston Canyon a couple of days ago and our two year old complained (aka cried loudly!) because his feet were cold. Wish we had Stonz booties for his little toes! (He was up in the ergo and I don't think his feet were bundled up enough). I would choose the "Fox grey" booties for him.

  4. Stonz has such cute boots! It would be a toss-up for me between a plain colour like Black or the Polar Bear design.

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  6. I would choose the Polar Bear Booties! We use our current size of stones all the time!

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    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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  14. It's a toss up between the elephant or polar bear designs for me. I'd love to try out a pair for my littlest little! Great review!

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