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Craving Cabin Life in Northern British Columbia

I'm excited to be publishing a story today for snow chaser extraordinaire, Powder Matt, an adventurer, top ski blogger, author of the "Adventurer's Guide to Living a Happy Life," and Vice President of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. Matt supposedly lives in Calgary but I suspect he's not here much in the winter, spending his days on the road chasing powder across Alberta and British Columbia.

Today's story takes us to a new destination for this blog as we travel to Northern BC to the remote town of Smithers. And while I doubt any of you will be jumping in the car for the 12+ hour drive north this weekend, I do hope this story puts a new ski location on your radar for future trips. I'm actually from Northern Alberta and used to ski in Northern BC as a child. I remember the powder and the fun road trips with my friends in college. If I still lived up north, I'd definitely be planning a trip to Hudson Bay Mountain after reading Matt's fun story below.

Enjoy this story and consider adding a ski trip to Northern BC to your winter bucket list.

Trips to add to the winter bucket list! Skiing across Northern BC

Craving Cabin Life

Nothing beats a retreat in the woods after a day of play in the mountains

By Powder Matt

Riding up the Panorama t-bar at Hudson Bay Mountain took to me to another place and time. This is a ski hill happily reveling in the past, with a welcoming retro vibe. It’s definitely got that going for it, but it also has long fall lines, rolling terrain, trees perfectly spaced for glade lovers and views that make you just stop in your tracks.

Gorgeous scenery from Smithers and Hudson Bay Mountain

Cabin love

This is a place that begs to have a haven at the end of the day because nothing beats warming your toes in front of a crackling fire inside a cozy cabin that doesn’t require a drive. Hudson Bay Mountain has hundreds of cabins dotting the forested mountainside, some hidden, others right on the ski run (many you can’t even drive to in the winter)

Many of these cabins in the early days were built rustically for a couple of reasons. Most people didn’t have much money, and the focus was about having a place to warm up at the end of the day. They were handmade, built with the help of friends and family who came together to carve out their après-haven.

Cabin life in Smithers, BC

What sets Hudson Bay Mountain apart is this incredible cabin community – right on the mountain. It has really created a 'skiing tradition' and connection for so many, and makes a difference in their lives. I heard this over and over from people. 

Having a cabin wasn’t about keeping up with the neighbours and building the biggest place, it was about building it right for warmth in between shredding snow. All you needed was the basics so you could enjoy what was most important – time outside.

Community at Hudson Bay Mountain

"After long days of race training, I used to take the last run of the day to reach the family cabin, and wallow in its quiet, simple comfort,” said Claire Challen.

“It still gives me that great energy, that same feeling years later after skiing," she says. "It has been a tradition for our family that continues - cabin time is the best.”

Nothing says ski in/ski out like this cabin on Hudson Bay Mountain

Mountain traditions matter

Mountain traditions are made around skiing, hiking and climbing, usually getting their start in how your family plays. If your family and friends play outside, then this is your life. The family cabin provides an anchor, a place of rest in the storm and it’s always there when you need to sneak away for some calm in your life.

Mountain haven that screams "après-ski paradise"

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"Frost-coated trees cover the high-alpine terrain, Impossibly blue skies make the winter creations known as "snow ghosts" glisten in the brilliance of the day. This seemingly endless wintry white expanse just shouts, "welcome outdoors lovers, stay awhile." One adventure-seeking New Zealand family did just that and one week turned into six months and then 15 years."

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All photos were provided for this story by Powder Matt and the SnowSeekers Team. This story was sponsored by Snowseekers and I was compensated for publishing it.

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