Monday, June 12, 2017

Mark's Clothing Store - Shambhala Activewear Feature

When I think of "Mark's," the Canadian clothing company, I still think of the classic "Mark's Workwear House" that  we used to find in every small town across Alberta. At least, that was until a recent trip took me down to Mark's to check out their women's athletic clothing line. The result, I have a new favourite clothing company!

I've been living in my Shambhala leggings from Mark's

I was given a rather cool opportunity to go shopping at Mark's and to pick out some items that I wanted to review. Looking around the store, I was quickly attracted to the Shambhala Clothing line, a company I'd never heard of before. I started trying on leggings, pants, jackets, tank tops, and realized I was looking at a new potential favourite clothing line.

Hiking in a Shambhala Skort - and I love it!!

The Shambhala Yoga Skort 

Truthfully, I'd never liked skorts and never saw a purpose for them. I owned one once and just didn't find it to be all that attractive. I also didn't see them as something I'd hike or bike in!

Enter the Shambhala yoga skort and I am wearing this magnificent piece of clothing for both hiking and biking! I love it and find it to be very attractive. (Hopefully you do too!)

The Shambhala Yoga Skort from Mark's


Why I love the Shambhala Yoga Skort 


  • It falls fairly straight down and doesn't have this big "a-shape" that just makes you look big around the middle.

  •  The fabric is very flowy and moves well, making it extremely comfortable when hiking or walking (even biking)

  • I feel feminine and athletic at the same time! (and many of you have seen photos of me skiing or hiking in a down skirt, so this is something that's kind of important to me.)

  • It's very cool when it's hot outside, just like wearing shorts, but much more attractive for those of us who don't exactly "love" our thighs! - and it's so much sexier than the longer walking shorts that do cover the thighs.

  • The skort fits above my belly button! Something I always look for in pants or shorts.
Yes, I'm biking in a skort!

The Shambhala Space Dyed Leggings 

OMGosh, if you've seen me in the last couple of weeks, I was probably wearing these leggings. I love them SO MUCH that I bought a second pair! I now have the blue ones and the black ones, and I wear one of them daily!

I'd never really been much of a "wear leggings everywhere you go" kind of gal and even rolled my eyes at the thought of hiking in leggings. I was always joking about how women needed to put on a pair of pants. Well, sorry girls who love leggings because I have seen the light and I now love them too!! All it took was a GOOD pair of leggings!!

Yes, I am now "that girl" who hikes in leggings!


Why I love the Shambhala Space Dyed Leggings 

  • They are so soft!! I swear they have silk or something in them. They feel good against my skin and aren't itchy.

  • They actually fit! With most leggings I always felt like I was wearing a saggy diaper because they keep sliding down. With the Shambhalla leggings, I feel like I'm wearing nothing! (and that's a very liberating feeling.)

  • They are the perfect length!! Not quite ankle length but not knee length either. Somewhere in the middle

  • Control top waist! They cover my tummy which is important because "mature" women wear their clothes on their waist with their belly buttons covered. Gone are the days where I can wear pants on my hips. (I mean, do you really want to see my muffin top hanging over my leggings?!)

I wear my Shambhala leggings daily! They go on every adventure I do.

The Shambhala Woven Active Rouched Capris

Ok, so occasionally you have to take your leggings off.  Maybe you're going out for dinner, hanging out in the city, or visiting relatives that would want you to be wearing a more traditional form of pants.

I've been searching for a nice pair of capris pants for two years now and could never find anything I liked (other than my beloved Lulu ones, now discontinued.) I was thrilled to discover the Shambhala ones and to find that they fit my body well.

Out for a casual walk in my Shambhala Capris Pants

Why I love the Shambhala Woven Active Rouched Capris

  •  Like all of the Shambhala pants, skorts, and leggings, they ride above my belly button on my waist (and not on my hips.) I appreciate that!

  • They are flattering, comfortable, and stretchy enough for any activity I might wear them for

  • They look nice enough that I could wear them out for dinner and not look like I just hopped off my bike or walked off a hiking trail 

Loving my Shambhala Capris

The Shambhala Active Fleece Anorak Jacket

I'm kind of partial to my Lulu tank tops so I chose to focus on bottoms with Shambhala clothing. I was however drawn to the fleece anorak jacket because let's face it, it's Canada! You're going to need something warm to wear in the morning if camping in the mountains. I've even been wearing this jacket when I walk my son to school every day.

Why I love the Shambhala Active Fleece Anorak Jacket


  • It's lightweight, cozy, and perfect for chilly mornings.

  • It has finger loops (something I look for in every jacket!)

  • It looks great with the leggings!

Staying warm at camp in my Shambhala Fleece Jacket

Visit the Mark's website to view the full Shambhala clothing line up where you can also check out their tank tops and sports bras. They also carry plus sized tops and bottoms.

Disclaimer: I was given these items to review for Mark's but this post was not sponsored or paid for. All opinions are my own and I definitely like the clothing because I have since gone back to buy a second pair of leggings.

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