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There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather - Book Review (and Giveaway)

"There's no Such Thing as Bad Weather" by Linda Akeson McGurk's is hot off the presses and officially now on book shelves for purchase! I was fortunate enough to receive my own copy a few weeks ago, so that I could provide a review for you, my readers.

"There's no such thing as bad weather" book review

About Linda's Book - What You'll be Reading

Linda summarizes her book with the following sentence: "A Scandinavian Mom's secrets for raising healthy, resilient, and confident kids (from Friluftsliv, open-air living, to Hygge, the coziness and simple pleasures of home.)"

Linda's Parenting Experiences in the United States

The book starts off explaining about Linda's Swedish background and her experience moving to small-town Indiana with her American husband to start a family.  She quickly realizes that her outdoorsy ways are not the norm and then goes on to entertain the reader with numerous stories of her first years in Indiana as a parent. In one of my favourite stories, Linda talks about taking her two young daughters out for walks in the winter, and of people pulling over to offer them rides (for surely she must not have a car, must be in "need," and would benefit from the charity of her kind neighbors.) Alas, Linda was just trying to get fresh air and exercise, and wanted to be outside. She had a car, but chose to walk around town (through snow, sun, or rain.)
"There's no such thing as bad weather" book review

Linda paints a humorous picture of herself and how she imagines her community and neighbors must have viewed her, as this eccentric strange lady who walked everywhere, loaded down with a stroller, two kids, groceries, and other items picked up while running errands, on foot.

Linda's Parenting Experiences in Sweden

The book then goes on to contrast Scandinavian culture where kids are allowed to run free, raised by a large neighborhood of supportive families in a "village" type environment. (Behavior that would have kids picked up by Child Protective Services in North America.)

Linda contrasts the parenting philosophies of her native Sweden with her new homeland in the United States as she sets out on a 6-month trip to Sweden with her daughters.

The stories Linda shares while in Sweden  set this "nature parenting" book apart from anything else I've read on the market. Linda's stories, often hilarious in tone and nature, make her book read as a fiction tale rather than a heavy non-fiction piece that one labors through for educational purposes.

And yet somehow, in all its lightness for a parenting book, I learned more in Linda's book than I would have through reading a more serious manuscript on the necessities of getting our children outside. (a message that let's be realistic, we've all heard before.)

Linda Akeson McGurk and daughters ("There's no such thing as bad weather book review")

Preview Video of Linda's Philosophy of "No Bad Weather"

Check out this fun video that Linda created to explain a bit more about her philosophy behind the "There's no such thing as bad weather" message. It's a short video so you can still finish reading the rest of this review after.

Why Buy Linda's Book? And Who Would Benefit From Reading It

As I mentioned earlier, we've all heard the message that kids need to be outside, and that there's no "bad weather" (just bad clothing.) And we "know" that raising kids in a village would ideally be beneficial to their development.  Yet somehow, "knowing" and "doing" tend to look quite different in reality.

I recommend Linda's book for...

  • ALL parents (whether you'd call yourself outdoorsy or not.) - Linda's book has lessons we can all benefit from.

  • Those of you who already have it ALL going on. Your kids are registered in forest school, you play outside daily, you encourage risky play, and you go outside in all kinds of weather. - You'll love Linda's book and you'll be able to read it with your coffee, while shouting, "Preach it sister!"

  • Those of you self described "sun goddesses" who hate rain, snow storms or wind. - and yes, I'd be pointing at myself here. (And I'm sure I'm not alone!)

  • Educators, teachers, child care workers, day home providers, and anybody who regularly works with children

    "There's no such thing as bad weather" book review


What I personally got out of the book

I've already told Linda that this is the first "nature parenting" book I've managed to finish. Usually I get a chapter (two max) in, get bored, and put the book down. My house is full of nature themed books that I just haven't been able to motivate myself to finish. Therefore, you can take my word for it, that Linda's book is actually "interesting," "entertaining," AND "educational" - all at the same time!

Linda's book actually made me want to move to Sweden! It made me unsatisfied with the way I interact with my neighbors, and it made me long for a village in which I could raise my son. We have a lot of great outdoor friends, but play dates always involve driving, planning, and scheduling. I'd love to live in a place where my son could run out the door, find his tribe, and go play. Linda's book inspired this dream. (Now to do something about it!)

"There's no such thing as bad weather" book review

Where to Buy "There's no such thing as bad weather"

The book is available at all major book sellers, on, and on
And, Christmas isn't that far away if you're looking for gift ideas.

Enter to Win A Copy of "There's no Such Thing as Bad Weather"

Enter to win a copy of Linda's new book below. The giveaway is open to all residents of Canada or the United States and includes free shipping.

The giveaway closes on October 11th. A winner will be chosen that morning. If I do not hear back from the winner by October 15th, I will choose a new winner.

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All photos were provided by the author.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review and as always, all words or opinions are my own. I was given a free copy of the book to provide this review.


  1. I try to get outside even if it's just 5-10 min. Any time is better than no time and the more they do it the more they get used to being outside in most weather.

  2. I run a dayhome, and we get out every day!! I would love this book!!

  3. We keep an open mind to trying out any outdoor related sport, and find the good in all weather situations (eg. rain means splashing in puddles).

  4. I love the philosophy that there's no bad weather...only bad clothing! That being said it's still hard to motivate to get the kids all bundled up when it's cold or rainy. This book sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing.

  5. We’ve been really good about spending time outside this spring/summer/fall. With my mat leave ending and winter around the corner, I hope we can find something that will work for us to continue to spend some time outside.

  6. We do get outside at all times of year - gear is pricey for everyone - but luckily - it is the only kind of shopping I don't hate! Onward to winter - skiing starts in just over a month!!!

  7. We've been doing outside activities long enough, that's what the kids believe is normal. It's far more likely to be me grumbling about rain then the kids. Looks like a great read.

  8. I have never had issues getting out in the sun since, having lived in Australia, the sun-safe routine is the norm for us. I learned in recent years that it's fun to get out in the rain, if You're warm and dry. I still find it hard to get out in the snow. My motivation is watching all of these experienced, Winter-loving families posting hints and tips and beautiful photos of their Winter fun.

  9. I love to go outside with my 3 boys in all kinds of weather. We make games and always have fun!

  10. We love to hike and explore.

  11. This looks like an awesome book. We specifically moved to our remote, westcoast home to raise a 'bear cub'. This book would definitely be a fabulous addition to our collection.

  12. Most days it's not so much that we get inspired to get outside, it's more that it's a habit that we are committed too. If we are finding it hard to get outside and need a little boost of inspiration, we find somewhere new to place to go. If we're having a hard time deciding, we head to one our favourite local beaches.