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Top Ten Posts from 2017 - Did you miss any?

I like to go back and look at my most popular stories from the past year, to reflect, and to get an idea of what you'd like to read more about in the coming year.

Below are the most popular stories from 2017, purely based on the numbers and readership. I have not included any of the "Gotta do THIS" posts but have chosen to feature stand alone pieces only (also choosing to leave out posts with giveaways, or anything that was sponsored.)

Top Ten Posts from 2017

Top Ten Posts from 2017

One. 5 Tips for Getting a Campsite without a Reservation 

So, a long weekend is coming, the forecast actually calls for sun (and not snow,) but you have no reservation. What do you do??

What do you do if you’ve dropped the ball though and you haven’t made a single reservation yet for the summer? Or what if you’re just not that kind of person who likes to plan ahead? Is there anything out there for the spontaneous individual who wants to play things by ear, watch the weather forecast, and pack up Thursday or Friday without a reservation made six months ago?

5 Tips for Getting a Campsite without a Reservation 

Two. Tips and Tricks for Downhill Skiing with Kids

Every time we hit the ski hill as a family we learn something new or pick up a trick that would have made the day so much more easier, more enjoyable, and more fun. Each time we go skiing I feel a little more successful and I've decided that I'd like "More GOOD ski days" rather than just "more ski days."

Tips and Tricks for downhill skiing with kids

Three. Inja Nation! Calgary's Newest Adventure Park 

My family is what you'd call "weekend warriors." We live and work in Calgary but we escape the city most weekends, seeking out adventure in the nearby mountains. Some weekends however, it just isn't feasible to get away and we need to find an urban adventure to satisfy our inner warriors.

Inja Nation Indoor Adventure Park, Calgary

Four. Five Reasons for Families to Love Fernie Alpine Resort

It was Sunday afternoon and I knew we only had time for a couple more runs down the mountain before we had to jump in the car and head back home to Calgary. The challenge was deciding which runs we should finish off with...

Fernie is the hill that we never want to leave. It's the resort that always begs us to stay just a little longer, and that almost makes us think we should buy season passes next year, making the trek down into BC at least once a month.

Skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort, BC

Five. Calgary Spring Break Challenge - Can you Try Something New? 

I recently met a family at a climbing gym in Calgary and the mom told me about their goal of trying one new thing each month. This resonated with me because I also like to try new things on a regular basis. So far this year, I've tried fat biking and I returned to rock climbing after a ten year break.

What "new activity" could you try with your kids this March during spring break? And it could be as simple as visiting a new playground or trying a new hiking trail.

Spring Break Challenge - Try Something New

Six. Family Cross Country Ski Trips - Our Favourite Destinations Near Calgary 

Location and choice of trail are two of the biggest keys we've discovered for making cross country skiing easy, fun, and doable with kids.

We like to start from a warming hut, cabin, or lodge so that we start skiing with warm hands and fingers.

We like places that have a variety of trails (because you never know what kind of day your child is going to have until you're ON the trail.)

We also look for places where we can have a good Apr├Ęs Ski experience (somewhere to warm up in before driving home, a cozy spot to have a snack or even a cup of coffee, and a place kids can run around for a bit before climbing into the car.)

Our Favourite Cross Country Ski Trails near Calgary

Seven. Grotto Canyon Ice Walk  (5 Reasons we LOVE this Hike!)

I've written about most of our favourite ice hikes numerous times on this blog but have never actually sat down to write a dedicated story on Grotto Canyon (one of the best winter hikes in all of Kananaskis Country.) I think I always figured that everybody already knew about this hike and that I wouldn't be sharing anything "new" or "notable."

I was reminded last weekend of how amazing Grotto Canyon is, of how much fun kids have playing on the ice, and of why it really is a MUST hike winter trail near Calgary.

Icy winter fun in Grotto Canyon, Kananaskis

Eight. How to Choose a Good Campsite (Family Camping Made Easy)

The May long weekend is fast approaching and some campgrounds across Canada have been accepting reservations for months already. Fortunately, the 90 day reservation window for provincial park bookings still puts us at the beginning of July so there is plenty of time to book sites for the prime summer months.

Knowing "when" to reserve a campsite is only half the battle though. One of the biggest challenges arises once you go to the reservation website and have to choose "which campsite" is going to be a GOOD campsite.

How to choose a good campsite - Family Camping Made Easy

Nine. Family Tube Park Review (Calgary, Kananaskis, Banff, and Lake Louise)

There are 4 different tube parks to visit between Calgary and Lake Louise, all located at family-friendly ski resorts. Each one is awesome and fun in its own way, with slight differences and advantages depending on your family's need for speed or desired thrill factor.

Family Tube Park Review for Calgary, Kananaskis, Banff, and Lake Louise

Ten. Whitney Lakes Provincial Park - One of Alberta's Best Kept Secrets!

Have you ever set out to visit to a new campground, secretly hoping that you wouldn't like it, and that you wouldn't need to return? That was Whitney Lakes Provincial Park for us. And the only reason I had hoped I wouldn't fall in love with this park - the 5+ hour drive to get here from Calgary.

Despite my best attempts not to fall in love with Whitney Lakes Provincial Park, a park located in the middle of absolutely nowhere in NE Alberta, the inevitable happened and we now have a new campground on our growing "favourite campgrounds" list.

Whitney Lake Provincial Park, Northern Alberta

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