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Staying Warm with Kombi Women's Mitts - Gear Review

I went skiing for the first time this season back in November and knew right away that I had to get new gloves or mitts. My old ones were completely packed out, no more loft, no more warmth. And my poor fingers froze.

The same was happening on walks to school when it was barely below zero, so I knew the problem was fairly serious, and that my old mitts had seen their last winter. The challenge though was that I couldn't find my old model (or brand) anymore, and I had really liked them.

Staying warm on the ski hill starts with good mitts

I took my cold hands to Canadian online store, Altitude Sports and asked for help. They sent me some links to puffy mitts that they recommended, and I noticed that there were some Kombi mitts included in the choices. My son has always had good luck with Kombis, and has never had cold hands when wearing them to school or while out playing in the snow.

Kombi Women's Sublime Mittens 

Kombi Women's Sublime Mittens 

The mitts that I've been wearing this season are the Kombi Women's Sublime Mittens, and apparently they're so popular, they're now sold out at Altitude Sports.

Fortunately, Altitude Sports still has several other options for Kombi Women's Mittens and if you're saving this review for next fall when you'll need to buy new gloves or mitts, I am positive that there will be plenty more in stock. 

While puffy down mitts all tend to be "similar," there are a few things that I especially love about my new Kombi mitts.

I've been able to wear my new Kombi Mitts while fat biking this winter too!

Why I'm Loving my Kombi Mitts: 

My hands stay DRY

I have another pair of puffy down mitts that I've only worn a few times, despite having them for a few years now, and I ended up wearing them last weekend. The result was wet hands from condensation inside the mitts. How does that even happen? I'm sure my hands don't sweat that much! However, with those "mitts that I will never love," the inside of the mitts was soaked after a few runs down the ski hill. 

There is no condensation or dampness with my Kombi mittens while skiing, biking, ice skating or playing outside. My hands stay warm, toasty, and dry. 

I can easily remove the mitts to take photos

While this may not sound "important," I want to be able to quickly remove my mitts when skiing so that I can take a photo, grab a quick snack, or even help my son with his skis. And while most mitts are easy enough to take off, I had an old pair that were so tight, it actually did take work to pull them off my hands. (and to get them back on again.)

Warm hands really matter when you're ice skating on a mountain lake!

My Kombi mitts are comfortable and my hands are warm

My Kombi mitts are filled with cozy goose down insulation, and are soft inside against my hands. They are also comfortable and not too narrow. I can not stress enough how important it is for me, that mitts not be supper narrow.  Narrow means hard to take off, hard to put on, and more importantly, cold hands! 

I know with boots or shoes, we refer to the toe box and the importance of it not being too narrow. Well, I don't know what you call the front part of a mitten, but it also can't be too narrow. Squished fingers are cold fingers. Just like with boots, you need space for your toes to move around. It's the same with hands, where fingers need to wiggle and need space for warmth to move around them. 

My hands warm up quickly

I'm sure you've had gloves or mittens where it takes a good 10 minutes (or longer) for your hands to warm up after going outside. This is not the case with my Kombis. My hands warm up right away and I'm not stuck doing mad arm circles to prevent frostbite.

And then should I remove my hands from my mitts to take a photo, to have a snack, or to help my son in any way, I need my cold hands to receive instant warmth the second they go back inside my mitts. This is the case with my Kombis (and should be the case for all mitts!) Shockingly though, I've had other mitts where my hands had to warm up all over again, every time I put them back inside the mitts.

We all take our mitts off, and need warm hands when we put them back on 

They dry well and never smell after use

Regardless of how "waterproof" mittens are supposed to be, they will all get damp inside after hours of heavy use, and will feel wet on the outside after a solid day of skiing or playing in the snow.

With my Kombis, I put them over a heat vent with one of those cool mitten dryers (link here if you have no idea what I'm talking about,) and they quickly dry within an hour.  

My husband on the other hand had an old pair of gloves that took forever to dry inside after use, and they grew so stinky, he refused to wear them any more. 

The wrist straps keep snow out, and warmth in 

My kombi mitts have these amazing wrist straps that you tighten to keep snow out, and keep warmth inside where your fingers are. 

I also love that they have clips to attach the two mitts together when not in use (but I suspect that's pretty standard these days.)

Warmth on the ski hill begins with good mitts or gloves

Other notable facts:

  • Long cuffs to keep snow out
  • Waterproof shell
  • Goose down insulation
  • Waterproof leather palms for grip
  • Moisture-wicking polyester on the inside
  • Antimicrobial protection against smell 

Waterproofing matters!


Thanks to Altitude Sports for solving my cold hand problem. I received the Kombi mitts in exchange for this review. 

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  1. These gloves look perfect for outdoor adventuring! Functional and stylish.