Thursday, May 17, 2018

What do your Jeans say about you? (Review for the Outdoor Mom)

What do your jeans say about you? Are you a "take control" kind of girl who has to keep her life meticulously balanced and in order? Maybe you're creative and funny, always looking to try something new.

An outdoor gal needs a pair of jeans to fit her active lifestyle

I recently discovered a fun "Denim Personality Profile" and mine pretty much nailed it on the head:

"She likes her coffee black and doesn’t need an ‘extra hot, no foam, half sweet chai tea latte’ to start her day. This woman shamelessly binge watches quirky comedies on television on the weekends, but also enjoys her nights out with the girls. She has a great fashion sense but finds comfort a priority and doesn’t go out of her way to stray from her favourite pair of jeans." (Quote: Mark's Clothing Store)

And while I do actually put a bit of milk and honey in my coffee, comfort is always paramount to me! In fact most days I look like I'm off to a yoga class (even if I'm going out for dinner!)

Jeans designed for walking, playing, and exploring

Three Things that Matter to Me when Choosing new Denim

Priority 1: Stretchy Fabric 

Can your jeans do this?
I used to have a pair of capris length jeans that I loved, but I pretty much had to lie down on the bed to get the zipper done up. They had absolutely no stretch. And while they fit (once they were on,) I definitely wouldn't have done anything active in them. They finally met their end one day when I bent over - and as you can imagine with jeans that have no stretch to them - they ripped.

Fast forward a couple of years and I just received two fabulous pairs of jeans from Mark's Clothing Store. They are both from the Silver Jeans Co. and are incredibly stretchy. I have both the Suki Straight Jeans along with the Elyse Capris Jeans. (All photos in this story are of these two pairs of jeans)

I can put either pair of jeans on in the morning without worrying about what my day holds. If my son wants to go for a walk after school, to go play in the river, to play a round of disc golf (which involves a lot of bending over and running,) or even wants to go for a casual bike ride, I'm good. I can do all of these activities in either pair of jeans in total comfort. - Which is important to me because I don't have the time or energy for endless fashion changes through the day!

Jeans need to be able to go camping 

Priority 2: Soft Comfortable Fabric 

I used to have a pair of jeans that I referred to as my "I have to take off my yoga pants to go out for dinner, so I'm going to put on these super tight uncomfortable scratchy but fashionable jeans" 

Seriously, I hated putting on those jeans. The fabric wasn't soft (even after washing them dozens of times,) and they never became comfortable after a couple of years of wearing them.

Who cares about fashion if you're uncomfortable and are counting down the minutes till you can go home and rip off your clothes??

Fast forward to my new Silver brand jeans from Mark's Clothing Store, and it feels like they are made of silk. From the first time I put them on, it felt as if I'd been wearing them for years. They were already "broken in" and super comfy. - And that's what matters to me when I get a new pair of pants!

Jeans should be comfy enough to take camping 

Priority 3: The Right "Fit" 

The right fit matters with denim
At 5"5 I'm not exactly what you'd call "tall." Many pants that come in generic sizes (size 7, size 9, etc.) are either too long for me in the legs, or don't fit in the waist.

I appreciate that the jeans I just got from Mark's Clothing Store had separate waist and length sizing. I was able to choose a length that allows me to go for a walk (without my pants dragging on the ground,) and to choose a waist size that's comfortable.

Mark's sells 126 different pairs of jeans for women. Amongst this selection, you can choose your length, waist size, and style. Do you want long jeans or capris length ones for summer? Do you want them skinny, straight, cropped (slightly shorter in length - on purpose,) boot cut... - and the list goes on. (It was actually a little overwhelming when I was in the store shopping.) 

And then beyond style, you can choose how you want your jeans to fit in the waist. I personally like mine to ride a little higher (and not on my hips,)  but that's my choice. You might want your jeans fully over your belly button or you might want them lower. Mark's even has options for "curvy women."

The variety you'll find at Mark's is above and beyond anything you'll find at a generic women's clothing store. This is your "specialized" denim store with experts on hand to help you choose the perfect fit for your  body.

Jeans that fit my daily life 

Now, the only remaining question for you, my fellow outdoor loving women: Who's going shopping?

Disclaimer: I received two pairs of jeans from Mark's Clothing Store as part of their spring promotional campaign. As always, all words and opinions are my own. (You could never pay me to wear or endorse uncomfortable jeans.)


  1. I need to check out Mark's for jeans but can I also ask where your tunic top in the first photo is from?

    1. I've had so many questions about that shirt, lol. It's from Costco. Nowhere glamorous I'm afraid. But means it's cheap. :)
      And they have three different colors.