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Hike, Paddle, Walk, Bike - in KEEN Flip Flops! Kona Flip II Review

I could write a love story about my beloved Keen Kona Flip Flops. I started out in the first version of them back when my son was a toddler 8 years ago, and I'm pretty sure I walked most of the city in these flip flops while he napped - once walking up to 7 kilometres (because they were that comfortable.)

Fast forward many years and I'm now wearing the Keen Kona Flip II sandals, an updated version of the original Kona flip flops, but as far as I can tell, they are identical to the first model I used to have (which is good news when you saw nothing that needed fixing or improving.)

KEEN Kona Flip II Sandals 

My Journey with Keen Kona Flip Sandals

My original Keen Kona flip flops died after I decided that wearing them on a kick scooter would be a fun idea. This was after wearing them for a few years though, so they had a very long life for flip flops. The problem was that Keen had discontinued these sandals - finally bringing them back just this year! Needless to say I was pretty ecstatic when I saw them listed on Keen's website - and requested a pair to review immediately!

I've started testing out the new sandals, wearing them on city bike rides, walks to and from school, and on light hikes. So far so good - and they perform 100% the same as the original Kona Flip sandals I fell in love with so many years ago.

Flip flops you can ride a bike in

10 Reasons to LOVE the Keen Kona Flip Sandals

  1. No blisters.  I often get blisters if I wear my regular Keen sandals for long walks or if they get wet while I'm wearing them. I've never had a single blister though in the flip flops - even after wearing them for hours on end (and after getting them wet.)

  2. They fit true to size. I might have weird feet, but I often struggle to order shoes online because I never know what size to order. With the Kona Flip sandals though you can order your normal size and they should fit. (In the odd chance they don't, Keen has great return and exchange policies that are super easy.)

  3. No toe imprints! You know the imprints you get in your cheap department store flip flops (part of the reason you can only wear them for one season?) - Yeah, that won't happen with the Keen flip flops. The footbed of the sandal is super supportive and rigid.

  4. You won't get holes in the soles. I can't count the number of flip flops I've had to retire because the soles would wear out by the end of one season after my toes would punch holes right through the soft footbed. That won't happen with these ones because the footbed is solid and built to last!

  5.  Molded Footbeds. These flip flops are designed in the same way Keen designs all their shoes, with molded insoles (or in this case, molded footbeds for your bare feet.) Lovers of orthotics might just find they can wear flip flops for the first time ever. - and again, remember I said I once hiked 7 kilometres in these flip flops (and not because I forgot my hiking boots!)

  6. No sprained ankles - I can't even hike a cute little creekside trail without wearing hiking boots (and orthotics!) I sprain an ankle at least once a season and as a result have very weak ankles. Put me in Keen's Kona Flips though and I've never sprained an ankle! I have no scientific reason behind this but it means I can confidently go out for a hike around our campground, knowing I won't be twisting an ankle on a stupid root.

  7. They have amazing grip for a pair of flip flops. The outer sole of the flip flops has a very grippy base so you'll be comfortable hiking through the forest, riding a bike, or even chasing the kids around the playground. These are sport sandals in the form of flip flops.

  8. Free toes!! I love all Keen sandals, but enough with the covered toes! I want my pretty little manicured piggies to wiggle free in the summer. - especially on a hot day!

  9. They are perfect for urban life. Nobody feels attractive in athletic sandals that cover 80% of their feet. The Kona Flips on the other hand are something I'd wear to the beach, to the grocery store, to school, or even to church. Flip flops are an acceptable footwear choice wherever you go (and for me that would even include weddings.)

  10. You'll have to try really hard to separate the toe piece from the sandal. Face it, we've all had the thin rubber toe piece separate from the base of our flip flops and rip out - leaving it virtually impossible to walk the rest of the way home!

    As you can see from my photos, the Keen flip flop sandals have fabric straps connecting to a solid footbed (and not thin rubber that pulls out of the base as soon as you run or stretch them too much.)

    Just don't use a kick scooter while wearing them and you should be good! (trust me.)
Molded footbeds and flip flops with actual grip! This is an athletic sports sandal

Buy your own pair of Keen Kona Flip II Sandals 

I haven't seen these sandals for sale in any stores yet, but you can order them online off the Keen website. They fit true to size and the exchange/return policy is great if you choose the wrong size.

They come in 3 different colors and I chose the Majesty/Shark Color because I have an obsession with all things purple. The duck green/Wasabi color is very pretty too.

I should mention that these sandals also come in a version for MEN

Hiking in my Keen Kona Flip II Sandals 

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of these sandals to review from KEEN Canada. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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