Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Beach Style that Starts with a Merino Wool Skirt

When I was asked if I wanted to try out and review a merino wool skirt, for summer use, I was skeptical to say the least. Sure, we all wear smartwool hiking socks and we love our Icebreaker wool base layers, but a skirt? A wool skirt for the beach?

Merino Wool at the Beach - and it works!!

Conquering the First Myth: Wool is Itchy

I received my Icebreaker Yanni Midi Skirt in the mail, put it on the dresser beside my bed, and proceeded to look at it for two weeks because I was scared to try it on! I hate itchy fabrics and was terrified to put a wool skirt next to my skin with nothing but bikini bottoms underneath.

The temperature finally cooperated for our first beach day of the season and I reluctantly tried on the skirt - to discover that it wasn't itchy. At all!!

The Icebreaker Yanni Midi Skirt is 61% Merino Wool but honestly, it could be made of cotton for how comfortable it feels.

First day in my Icebreaker Skirt and it was nothing but comfortable

Conquering the Second Myth: Wool is Hot!

When I think of wool, I think of a fabric that you wear to stay warm (not to stay cool!) Again, I was pleasantly surprised (blown away in fact) by how cool this Icebreaker Skirt keeps me feeling.

Straight from the Altitude Sports website:

"Made from our Cool-Lite™ fabric, the skirt blends merino with TENCEL®, nylon and LYCRA®, making it naturally lightweight and silky with a touch of stretch. 
In a 160gm weight, the technically advanced fabric is great for summer, as it’s breathable, odor-resistant and quick-drying. The side-split detail allows freedom of movement and the below-the-knee length provides added coverage."

We just spent a long weekend camping in Whitefish Montana, and I lived in my Icebreaker skirt. I wore it paddling down the Whitefish River, I wore it all around camp, I wore it to and from the pool at camp and lounged in front of the pool in it, and I wore it all over the area as we toured breweries, and went into town for ice-cream.

I also loved the skirt as a "driving skirt" because of the side splits that kept me nice and cool in the truck as we drove the 5+ hours home from camp.

Side splits and cool-lite fabric make this skirt a great choice for hot weather

Conquering the Third Myth: Wool is NOT Sexy or Attractive

I am not a fashion model but I'd like to think that I look semi-attractive at least in my Icebreaker Yanni Midi Skirt. I especially love that the skirt covers up and hides many areas of my lower body that I'm less than fond of.

I'm never especially "comfortable" in shorts, bikini bottoms, or short skirts. This long skirt is perfect for me because I can still wear a sports bra or athletic bikini top for paddling and swimming, but remain covered up on the bottom.

I wear swim bottoms under the skirt so I can quickly jump into a lake or pool to cool off, but while paddling, lounging by the pool, or driving to and from the beach I enjoy having my lower body covered by this flowy skirt.

Add a tank top and you can easily wear this skirt out for dinner, to a beach-side cafe or restaurant, or tour wineries/breweries on your summer road trip. It's fashion that's even appropriate at the grocery store on the way home from the beach.

Attractive but practical fashion for the beach

Conquering the Fourth Myth: Wool is Not a Fabric You Wear to the Beach

When I think of beach clothing, I think of fabrics that can get wet! Fortunately we all know how great wool is at retaining its warmth, even if you get wet feet hiking. This skirt is no different at the beach.

I got my skirt thoroughly soaked while paddling but it stayed comfortable, dried quickly, and was the perfect choice of fabric to wear near water.

Wet or dry, this merino wool skirt is comfortable on the water 

Overall Opinion of the Icebreaker Yanni Midi Skirt 

I've been wearing this skirt for a few weeks now and have no complaints. I've put it through the washing machine and dryer and it came out looking as good as new.

It hasn't faded at all in the sun, and stains come out easily (this I know because I lived in it for 4 days while camping and traveling!)

It's also been great for traveling, and even if it gets wrinkled in your bag, it doesn't take long before the wrinkles come out while wearing it.

This skirt will be the first item I pack this summer on every one of my camping trips, on all of our road trips, and on every beach day.

For more information on the skirt, please visit the Altitude Sports website 

You can also order your own Icebreaker skirt off the Altitude Sport Website. Canadians receive free shipping on orders over $49, and returns are fast and simple.

Disclaimer: I was given this skirt for review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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