Wednesday, August 14, 2019

7mesh Glidepath Mountain Biking Shorts for Women - Review

I love mountain biking and I have several pairs of pants that "work" for biking, but they all fail in one big area - no zippers on the pockets!! How do you carry your phone for photos on the trail if your pockets don't have zippers?

And while this might sound like a first world problem, I always choose scenic trails when I go biking, and if you've ever biked with kids, you know that you have seconds to grab your phone for the perfect photo before they've zoomed by you!

7mesh Glidepath Mountain Biking Shorts for Women Review

The quest for zippers caused me to contact my fabulous friends at Altitude Sports, begging for help finding a great pair of mountain biking shorts. From there, I began to learn that there's actually a lot of other important factors that go into designing a pair of bike shorts, and I can't believe I've gone so many years without specially designed clothing for one of my favourite summer sports!

5 Reasons you'll Fall in Love with the 7mesh Glidepath Shorts

1. Pockets designed for biking 

Let's face it, even if your phone will stay in your pocket while biking, or perhaps you have leggings with a zipper pocket, it's still probably not all that comfortable carrying anything in your pockets. 

I actually got zippers sewn into some other pant pockets for hiking, but I can't ride a bike with my phone digging into my leg with each pedal stroke. The 7mesh Glidepath shorts have diagonal side pockets specifically designed for biking. I can't even tell I have a phone in my pocket when I'm riding because the pockets keep it away from my quads and away from my bike seat (so you won't be sitting on your phone either.)
Back to front side zips for your phone

The pockets are angled back to front, and are big enough to easily carry a granola bar in one, and your phone in the other. Add a credit card for an ice-cream stop (maybe that's just me) and you almost don't even need to have a backpack on you for a short ride.

Each pocket also "supposedly" has a cell phone sleeve to secure and separate your phone from anything else you're carrying but there's no way my phone would fit in the tiny sleeve. I'd personally use the sleeve to carry a credit card or drivers license that you don't want to lose when pulling your phone out.

And should you need even more pockets, there are two front pockets as well (without zippers) that are quite deep. I haven't used them yet, but it's nice to see companies designing pants for women with good pockets (a complaint women have had for years.)

Stop often for photos with zipper pockets designed to hold your cell phone

2. Stretchy fabric that allows you to climb and to squat over your bike seat

I debated long and hard over which pair of bike shorts I should order because I didn't want baggy downhill shorts that would make me feel goofy if I were to run into the grocery store at the end of a ride, but I also didn't want tight shorts that would restrict my movement when climbing or squatting back over my seat for steep descents.

The glidepath shorts are the perfect fit for me, and in the photos here you can tell that they almost look tapered for a slim attractive fit. They are super stretchy though and are built with Soma 2-Way stretch woven fabric. 

7mesh thought of everything when they designed these shorts. "The leg is articulated for the mid pedal stroke position and as a result, the Glidepath moves smoothly and does not get caught on the saddle regardless of rider position." (direct wording from the Altitude Sports site)

And what the above paragraph means to me is that my shorts won't catch on my seat when I go from standing to sitting (which has actually happened to me before.)

The Glidepath shorts have 2-way stretch woven fabric 

3. They are built to last!

A pro-rider I am not! This means I fall a fair bit, I land on rocks and roots, and my shorts get dirty. I need something rough and tough that can go through the washing machine (and come out looking new,) that can take a beating and not get holes after a few rides, and that isn't going to snag or catch on tree branches or bushes.

The Glidepath shorts have been amazing so far, and trust me, they have made contact with the ground! They have been built to resist abrasion and my only complaint is that I wish my skin underneath was that resilient!!

Bike shorts that are built to last! 

4. They are water and sweat resistant

The fabric is "treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating that quickly sheds moisture, and makes them incredibly quick drying if they do eventually get wet." (direct wording from Altitude Sports site)

I appreciate the water repellent finish because even though I try to choose sunny days for my rides, there's always the possibility that a quick shower will blow through while I'm out riding and I don't want to be soaked for hours in fabric that doesn't dry.

Enjoy dry rides in shorts that have been treated with a good water repellent coating

5. The waist is adjustable (meaning you can gain or lose a few pounds!)

Adjustable straps for your waist 
This was a BIG one for me because my weight fluctuates a lot and I had a hard time deciding which size I should order. Fortunately, the shorts have built-in waist adjusters (straps that you can cinch in to make the waist tighter or looser) and they also have loops if you want to wear a belt.

I should also mention that the shorts have a low rise fit (fitting on the hips rather than on the waist) so if you don't want to see your belly fat hanging out above the top of your shorts, either choose a different style or brand that fits higher, or like me, just wear a longer shirt that covers your belly - problem solved.

Gain or lose a few pounds and the glidepath shorts will always fit with an adjustable waist!

Bonus number 6 and 7. Length and colour!

I might wear a cute little pair of beach shorts when I'm on vacation with the family and I'm riding to get ice-cream, but for mountain biking I want more coverage. The glidepath shorts fall just short of my knees and will definitely protect a good portion of my legs if I fall. 

And, I love the colour of these shorts! I partially chose this pair of shorts because I knew I'd be able to match any shirt with them. Another pair I liked was just too bright and "unique" for colour and I knew I'd have to go shopping to find a shirt to match them. Blue however is simple! Everything matches blue.

I love the length and colour of the Glidepath shorts

For more information on the design of the shorts or to order your own pair, visit the Altitude Sports website. (link goes to the actual Glidepath shorts.) 

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of 7mesh Glidepath shorts for review from Altitude Sports. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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