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Family Camping Super Guide

I've collaborated with some amazing outdoor blogging moms to bring you this Super Guide.  We've each chosen one of our favourite camping posts that we'd like to share with you this week.  I will also post a link to my most successful camping story, Preschool Adventures, which has had over 1000 views so far.  That tells me that there is some serious interest in family camping!  Try to get into a campground this weekend without a reservation and you'll also get a good taste of just how popular camping is with families.  And as hard as it is to try and find a campsite these days, I'm thrilled that families actually want to get outside together and spend a weekend outdoors.  Family time is growing increasingly rare with busy work schedules, backyards that need care, larger houses that don't clean themselves, sports practices, shopping, errands, to-do lists a mile long, birthday parties... - the list could go on forever.  So, Yay to all you families planning to take time out this summer to play, sleep, explore, and camp together - as a family.  Today's post is for you.

Family Camping Made Easy - Preschool Adventures 

In this post of mine, you'll find information about the best toys to bring camping for toddlers and preschoolers.  There's also suggestions for crafts, sports, water play and games.  I've included a few popular  items you'll want to add to your packing list too such as a hammock.  It is after all, where all the cool kids are hanging out these days.

Who doesn't love a hammock (Photo:  Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies)

Camping Etiquette - The Unspoken Rules of Campground Camping

In this post from Tiffany with A Little Campy, learn the unspoken rules of campground etiquette regarding firewood, grey water, quiet time and more.  Following these rules can keep your family from being labeled as rude, obnoxious or a newbie. 

Photo submitted by A Little Campy  (Wooden Signs1 by Dora Pete @

Fold-up Camping Baby Gear Review

"Gabe’s Nana (Grandmother) has a secret super power. She has the amazing ability to locate the most unique fold-up camping baby gear that has ever been made. Some of this gear she bought for us, some of it we bought ourselves, all of it got tested out in real-world situations on our family camping trips over the last 18 months."

To read the rest of the story from ColoCalders.Com  follow the link above on the title.

The KidCo Go-Pod (Photo by ColoCalders)

When Potty Training Invades a Campsite

In this post by Alyssa at The Kid Project you'll find an answer to the question:  Does potty training have to ruin your weekend adventures? You'll also find ways to manage your potty training toddler while camping.

Potty Training in Camp (Photo: The Kid Project)


Camping Simplified

"Today I had a friend post this comment on my personal blog… “you guys look like you are always having so much fun. we really need to get out and camp more but it takes sooo much work to plan and get ready.”

Well, I have a sign hanging in my house that says, “Live Simply”. It’s constantly reminding me to do just that in all aspects of my life, including camping with my kids. Here’s how we minimize the work involved with preparing a family camping trip."

To read the rest of this post by Shawna with Nature for Kids, follow the link above on the title.

Storage (Photo:  Nature for Kids)


Camping With Your Tyke for the First Time

"Choose a location close to home. This way if you have to bail for some unforeseen reason you aren’t too far away. For the first time you could even camp in your own backyard. How easy is that?"

For more practical advice and tips from our friends at Adventure Tykes, follow the link above on the title. 

First time camping (Photo:  Adventure Tykes)

Camping in the Backyard IS Camping

"I would have preferred to have been camping somewhere secluded with excellent views and no distractions.  However, our summers are dictated by the wildland fire season and we simply have to make the most of the time we have.  Mtn Papa was working late yesterday so instead of bailing, we decided to embrace the opportunity.  Nothing happens when you wait around for the perfect situation to come together.  Nothing."

To read the rest of this story from Amelia at  Tales of a mountain Mama, follow the link above on the title.

Camping in the backyard (Photo:  Tales of a Mountain Mama)


Make Your Own Hammock

The title of this story says it all - you will learn how to actually make your own hammock.  How cool is that? To read the instructions and prepare for your next camping trip, follow the link above on the title to OutsideMom.Com  and read through the very detailed steps with pictures.

Make your own hammock (Photo:  OutsideMom.Com)

Tips for Camping with an Infant

"Camping is one of our favorite summer activities to do as a family.  Now that baby Jimmy has joined our family, we still camp, but with a little more planning and preparation.  We really think that you can do most things with kids, just slower and with more preparation.  Here are our top 5 tips for camping with an infant..."

 Want to read the tips from the popular outdoor blog, Bring the Kids ?  Follow the link on the title above.

Camping with an Infant (Photo:  Bring the Kids)

8 Reasons Every Family Needs "The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids"

In this book review written by Debi with Go Explore Nature, you'll discover why Debi is right, that you really must read the incredible family camping book written by Helen Olsson.  I devoured the book myself in one weekend camping and found that even with a bunch of experience, Helen still had a lot to teach me.  It's worth checking the book out just for the S'mores recipes alone!

Helen Olson's new book (Photo:  Go Explore Nature)

Car Camping - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I love this post written by Jen from Backcountry with the Kids with her breakdown of the great things about car camping such as the comfort factor, the bad things such as campground noise, and the plain ugly stuff such as over crowding.  To read the complete post follow the link on the title above.

Car Camping - everybody gets a chair (Photo:  Backcountry with the kids)

Have a favourite camping story others might like to read?  Please post the link in the comments section below.  We're all in camping-mode here in Canada as we prepare for the August long weekend.  

Have a fabulous long weekend everybody!


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