Camping Super Guide

This is a quick guide to all of my popular camping stories for easy reference and reading. I add to this page regularly.

Camping Super Guide! (Alberta and British Columbia)


Family Camping Made Easy

Camping Tips and Tricks

Our Favourite Campgrounds Across Southern Alberta and British Columbia

Campground Reviews - Alberta Provincial Parks

Campground Reviews - Alberta National Parks

Campground Reviews - British Columbia 

Comfort Camping

Group Camping

Backcountry Adventures

Cabin Camping

Winter Camping


Find the Best Campsite and Know where to Go this Summer

Family Camping Made Easy

Family Camping Made Easy - Baby Adventures 

Family Camping Made Easy - Preschool Adventures 

Family Camping Made Easy - Warm Sleepers are Happy Sleepers

Family Camping Made Easy - Bathing in the Woods

Family Camping Made Easy - Siestas for the Junior Camper 

Family Camping Made Easy - Backcountry Adventures  

Family Camping Made Easy - Winning the Bedtime Battle 

Family Camping Made Easy - Always Bring Friends   

Family Camping Made Easy - Wilderness Games for Camp and the Trail 

Purchasing a New Trailer (Family Camping Made Easy) 

How to Choose a Good Campsite (Family Camping Made Easy)

Family Camping Made EASY - everything you need to know

Camping Tips and Trips

How to Get the Best Campsite this Summer 

Camping in the Rain - Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of a Wet Weekend  

How to Survive (and Enjoy) Backpacking in the Rain 

A Beginners Guide to Family Camping 

No More Hot Dogs! How to Plan a Camp Feast   

Ten tips for Stress-Free Family Camping 

5 Tips for Getting a Campsite without a Reservation 

25 Ways to Glamp up the Mother's Day Camping Experience

A New Camping Season and a New Trailer  

5 Easy Ways to Try Camping for the First Time 

The Comprehensive Guide to Camping with Kids 

Find out how to choose the best campsite this summer

Our Favourite Campgrounds Across Southern Alberta and British Columbia

The Best Provincial Park Campgrounds in Southern Alberta

Where to Camp in the National Parks of Alberta 


From private beaches to bike trails outside your tent door - Find the Best Campground!

Campground Reviews - Alberta Provincial Parks

Kananaskis Campgrounds

Camping in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis

Southern Alberta

Writing on Stone Provincial Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

Camping in Dinosaur Provincial Park
Central and Northern Alberta 

Lakeside Camping in Crimson Lake Provincial Park

Campground Reviews - British Columbia 

East Kootenays 

Beach time at Surveyor's Lake, Kikomun Creek Provincial Park

West Kootenays 

Family Touring around Nelson and the West Kootenays, British Columbia

Camping across British Columbia - Champion Lakes Provincial Park

Beach time at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, West Kootenays

Thompson Okanagan Region  

Vancouver and Coast Region

Camping on the Sunshine Coast, Porpoise Bay Provincial Park


Comfort Camping

Alberta Comfort Camping Destination Guide 

Moms' Comfort Camping  Adventure at Sundance Lodges

Comfort Camping in Banff National Park

Comfort Camping in Banff - the Experience

So you Love the Outdoors but Don't Want to Camp... 

Mount Engadine Lodge Glamping Experience (expect decadence!)

Yurt Camping in Alberta Provincial Parks (photo: Alberta Provincial Parks)


Group Camping


Group Camping - The Chaos and the Glory

Perfecting the Art of Group Camping

Group Camping in Alberta  

Group Camping in Southern alberta

Backcountry Adventures

Paddling Trips

How to fit 7 people in a Canoe - Backcountry Adventures in Kananaskis 

The Annual Family Backcountry Trip - Worth Fighting For

Easy Overnight Paddling Trips for the Whole Family 

Paddling and Camping on the Columbia River with Kids   

Paddling the Alberta Badlands 

Camping along the Columbia River, BC

Backpacking Trips   

Five Years of Family Backpacking Trips  

Ten Reasons to Travel into the Backcountry 

Ribbon Lake Backpacking Adventure with Kids (Chains and All)

Family Backpacking Trip to Ribbon Lake, Kananaskis

Summer Cabin Camping

Alpine Club of Canada Huts and Cabins

Family Backcountry Cabin Camping in the Canadian Rockies

 Backcountry Cabin Camping with Kids - Elk Lakes Cabin, BC  

Summer Backpacking Trip to the Asulkan Cabin, Rogers Pass  

Backpacking in the Bugaboos (and our first family glacier traverse) - Conrad Kain Hut 

Backcountry Cabin Camping  with Kids - Stanley Mitchell Hut, BC

Backcountry Glamping at Shadow Lake Lodge, Banff National Park 

Shadow Lake Lodge, Banff

Winter Camping 

Wilderness Hostels

Winter Camping in Kananaskis (HI Kananaskis Hostel)

Christmas in Kananaskis at the HI Kananaskis Hostel

Affordable Family Ski Vacations in the Canadian Rockies

5 Reasons to Take Your Family to Mosquito Creek this winter (HI Mosquito Creek Hostel)

Spring Adventures on the Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park (HI Mosquito Creek Hostel)

Raising Tough Kids - HI Hilda Creek Wilderness Hostel Trip

Easter at the Best Wilderness Hostel in the Canadian Rockies (Hilda Creek)

 Winter Escape to Jasper National Park (HI Athabasca Falls Hostel) 

Winter Road Trip to Jasper National Park (HI Maligne Canyon Hostel) 

Rampart Creek - Our New Favourite Wilderness Hostel  

Winter at the HI Castle Mountain Hostel with Kids

Hilda Creek Wilderness Hostel

Backcountry Cabins and Huts 

Winter Camping with Kids ( No Tent!!) 

Snowy Adventures in Elk Lakes Provincial Park

Raising Tough Kids - Our Annual Winter Backpacking Trip

Winter Glamping - Not for the Faint of Heart

Launching a Winter of Adventure at Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park (Wheeler Hut)

Easter at the Wheeler Hut, Rogers Pass

The Easiest Family Winter Backcountry Trip (Wheeler Hut, Rogers Pass)

Winter at the Cameron Lake Cabin, Waterton Lakes National Park

Easter at the Elizabeth Parker Hut, Lake O'Hara   

Winter Fun in Cypress Hills Provincial Park Backcountry Cabins 

Elizabeth Parker Hut, Lake O'Hara, BC

Backcountry Lodges and Wilderness Resorts

Our Favourite Family-friendly Backcountry Ski Lodge (Shadow Lake Lodge, Banff)

Yurt Camping in Kananaskis at Mount Engadine Lodge

Mount Engadine Lodge Glamping Experience (expect decadence)

Yurt Camping at Mount Engadine Lodge, Kananaskis


Learning to Love Camping - It's all about Style

Camping Your Way Across North America

Summer Camping Project - Great Gear for Happy Campers  

Summer Camping Project -- Lessons on Community 

Community, Gear, and Style


  1. Hi where was the photo taken at the top of this page? Looks like my ideal camping spot!

    1. that was at the Point backcountry campground in Kananaskis.