Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Halloween Winter Wonderland

Werewolves howl, are you listening?
in the lane, snow is glistening
A frightening sight
But we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

In the meadow you can build a snowman
and pretend that it is Frankenstein...

And there you have it - why I don't write poetry.  But the sentiment is there.  It's cold here, winter has blown in a month or two early, and it's a snowy Halloween.

Outdoor Play in the snow

But unless you want to cancel the holiday, stay indoors, or go trick-or-treating in the shopping mall (which is totally sacrilegious) - you just have to bundle up and find creative ways to enjoy Halloween - in the snow.

Winter hiking

We have discovered that costume hikes in the snow are super fun and have done two now this month.  We brought sleds along and even added some tobogganing.  Most costumes can be worn over snow suits or at least over snow pants and people will forgive you if your green dragon has blue hands because that's all you have for mittens.  They will understand if your dragon is only dressed from the waist up because his green fuzzy pants don't fit over his snow pants, or if said dragon is also wearing a bright orange scarf to keep warm.  The point - add a pair of wings to your child's winter clothes and voila - you have a snow pixie.  Grab a Winnie the Pooh Tunic to put over a winter coat and pants as our friends did.  It's relatively easy to winterize your Halloween Costume with a few extra warm layers and the kids can still get outside to celebrate a fun tradition that lights up a cold autumn night.

Sled hiking

Here are a few final photos from our winter Halloween adventures this year.  May they inspire you to get outside tomorrow and celebrate Halloween the old fashioned way, door to door, mittens and all.

Now there's a smile that says "snow is awesome!"

Winnie the Pooh goes Tobogganing


How do you plan to celebrate Halloween?


  1. We celebrated Halloween for the first time (properly) this year. It's a tradition that is growing slowly here in Australia, and still not embraced by the majority.

    But my children had a fantastic time and got so many lollies and loved the whole night time experience and cool decorations.

    It was a fun night for all (though it looks like you all had a great time too!)