Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How to Celebrate an Outdoor Christmas

Today you can find my guide to celebrating an outdoor Christmas on the home page of our friends at the Active Kid's Club

Hiking on Christmas Day

Is it crazy to think that you can celebrate Christmas outdoors?  In the snow?  In the Canadian Rockies where temperatures drop well below zero around Christmas time?  We don't think so and if you follow this link, you'll see my recommendations to:
  • Find a way to incorporate your favourite outdoor sports into the holiday season
  • Celebrate Christmas twice!  Once in the traditional method you’re used to, and once in a new way – outdoors!
Christmas Day Skating

Want some other ideas for celebrating an Outdoor Christmas?  

  • Go to a Santa Claus Parade
  • Go to a live Nativity Pageant our outdoor Christmas Eve church service
  •  Go to local light festivals and bring your sled or skates if possible
  • Go on a  winter sleigh ride in the country
  • Get a permit and cut down your own Christmas tree.   Bring snowshoes and make a fun day of it tromping through the woods
  • See if your community or one near you has fireworks on Christmas Day.  Many communities also have fireworks for New Year’s Eve as well
  • Attend an outdoor New Year’s Eve Celebration or family festival.  
Banff Santa Claus Parade

In the Calgary area, here are just a few suggestions:

  • Celebrate Christmas in the Country at Kayben Farms.  Go skating, cut down your own Christmas Tree,  and visit with Santa.
  • Visit the Airdrie Festival of Lights.  Take a ride on their train around Nose Creek Park and go skating on the pond. 
  • Take a walk through Confederation Park at night to visit the Lion's Festival of Lights.  You can even ski from the golf course over to the light or bring your sled for some added excitement on the surrounding hills.
  • Spend the day in Bragg Creek for their Spirit of Christmas Event.  Take a wagon ride, visit with Santa and his reindeer and then head out to West Bragg Creek for some family skiing or snowshoeing.
  • Go skating on Christmas Day in Bowness Park.  The Lagoon is a community gathering place every year with Christmas Music, Fires, and families wishing each other a Merry Christmas. Skate Rentals on site.
  • Celebrate New Year's Eve in Canmore with their Party on the Pond.  Skating, Family Fun, Music, and Fireworks at Midnight in Millennium Park. 

Airdrie Festival of Lights

How to do you celebrate the Holiday Season Outdoors?


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