Monday, April 01, 2013

Paradise at Mount Engadine Lodge

Last month my husband and I were completely and totally blessed to be able to spend a night at Mount Engadine Lodge as I composed a story for Travel Alberta and Snowshoe Magazine out of Colorado.  Located way off the beaten path in the Spray Lakes region of Kananaskis, it's very hard to believe you are at a front country lodge when you stay at Mount Engadine.  And while I travelled a lot this past winter, I have to say that Engadine is definitely one of my new favourite places to stay in the Rockies!  The lodge will go on my list as a place I absolutely MUST visit again and I can't wait to take my son with me next time.

Mount Engadine Lodge

To read the full story I wrote for Snowshoe Magazine, please follow this link to Escape to Snow Paradise in Kananaskis.  We chose winter hiking as our activity during the stay and explored nearby Chester Lake during our stay.  We found ourselves in a beautiful winter wonderland and I'd encourage you to explore Chester Lake in winter if you haven't already.  It is both ski and snowshoe friendly with individual trails for each sport.  The ski trail even has a separate up and down track to make sure that nobody gets taken out by an out of control downhill skier on their way up to the lake.

Snowshoeing to Chester Lake

Mount Engadine Lodge has now closed for the 2013 winter season as of last weekend but if you would like to experience the lodge with your family this summer or next winter there are a few options.  First you can smash your piggy bank open and book one of the rooms for a couple nights.  While not exactly cheap, the experience is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing that I would seriously recommend trying at least once. The lodge has king and twin bed configurations that could accommodate up to 6 guests.  Sofa beds in some rooms can also be used for families travelling with small children.  Each room has its own private bathroom making the lodge very family friendly for those who don't want to share bathrooms or traipse outside to an outhouse.  There is also a large cabin on site with a family suite.  This suite has a private bedroom with a king bed and also includes two twin beds for the children.  It features a private balcony overlooking the meadow as well.  I took one look at the cabin and pretty much put it at the top of my Rocky Mountain Travel Wish List.  (if anybody from Mount Engadine is reading this - hint, hint....)

The Family Suite at Mount Engadine Lodge

The second way to enjoy Mount Engadine Lodge is as a day user.  The lodge is open for afternoon tea on weekends and from my experience, I can tell you that their afternoon tea is more of a feast than a simple tea and cookies affair.  While I can't remember the exact cost to drop in for tea, the lodge can be contacted directly at if you would like to inquire about this service.  I do remember that I found it to be quite affordable for the amount of sweets provided with your tea or coffee.  I definitely plan to visit Chester Lake this summer with my family and then drop in on the lodge for tea after.  It is an affordable way for any family to experience the magic of Engadine if you aren't quite able to finance a stay at the lodge.

Playing in the snow at Mount Engadine Lodge

The third way to enjoy Mount Engadine Lodge is as a dinner guest.  The lodge is open for dinner reservations and at $45 per person, it's very reasonable for the quality of food the lodge provides.  I would compare their gourmet food and dessert to any of the top restaurants in Canmore or Calgary.  I actually had the best lamb of my life at this lodge in fact!  To make reservations, call Call 403-678-4080 and allow for 24 hours advance notice. If you'd like an extra special treat, book your dinner reservation during the Music in the Meadow Summer Concert Series.  You'll enjoy a private concert by award winning Canadian song writers and musicians along with your fabulous meal.  Personally, I'm thinking that us girls should all head out to Engadine for dinner one night while we are camping in Kananaskis.  The guys and kids won't miss us, right?

Evening at Mount Engadine Lodge

For more information on Mount Engadine Lodge, please visit their website and check out the photo gallery while there.  The lodge opens up again on June 14th for the upcoming season.  Reservations for dinner during the Music in the Meadow series must be made NOW however and room reservations should be made sooner than later as well, especially if you want to stay on a night that a concert is offered.


  1. Mmmm, dinner sounds good, I didn't know they did day use (tea, & dinner) service.

    1. yep. Makes for an affordable way to enjoy a fantastic location. Love that they offer something for everybody.

  2. A friend of mine just recorded a CD there last year that they're calling the Engadine Sessions. A fab place for sure!

    1. I have the CD in our truck. :) Great idea to have live music out there!