Monday, December 16, 2013

From Puddles to Snow Drifts with Stonz Rain Bootz and Fleece Linerz

I used to think all rain boots were the same until this year when my son put a hole right through one of his cheap department store boots within 2 weeks of buying them.  How does that happen?  Well, we let him wear his boots while riding his Strider balance bike, dragging his toes to slow down on hills.  However, I don't blame the bike.  I blame the cheap boots.  We bought a second pair and they were much more durable.  The problem with the second boots though was that they were too short.  It didn't take much for water to get into them while splashing in puddles or wading in creeks.

Stonz Rain Bootz and Linerz

Stonz Rain Bootz and Linerz
So, all rain boots are not equal.  And many leave much to be desired.  Thankfully, Stonz Wear has come out with a line of  rain bootz, added to their collection of baby booties and winter bootz.  They come in solid colors (black, blue, pink, or yellow) and are sized for children from 1 to  10 years of age.  At first glance, they look pretty ordinary and I must admit, a few more colour options or patterns would be fun. (thinking rocket ships, flowers, cars, etc.)

Colour options aside, the bootz perform where it matters the most - they are durable!  They are strong.  AND, they are waterproof.  Lacking puddles in Calgary right now, we've been wearing them in wet deep snow to test how waterproof they really are, and they've done well.  Very well.  As long as my son is wearing rain pants or a rain suit over his bootz, they keep all snow out where it belongs.  I would expect the same from water while playing in puddles or creeks.

The other thing that has impressed me about the boots is the warmth!  I got my first pair of adult rain boots this year and they are not the warmest pair of boots I own by a long shot!  Water is cold and I feel it through my boots.  Meanwhile, my son was outside playing in the snow when it was -17 Celsius the other day in his Stonz rain bootz.  And, he was warm.  He never once complained that his feet were cold.  How can rubber boots be so warm?  They come with fleece liners!

Playing in the Snow with the Stonz Rain Bootz and Linerz

The Stonz Fleece Linerz are my favourite part about their rain bootz.  When you insert the fleece linerz inside the boot, they transform  from a typical rain boot to an all-season boot that can be worn in everything from puddles to snow drifts.  The linerz also create a snug fit for the foot inside the boot.  This creates warmth AND stability.  A boot that fits well will perform better while hiking and walking.

Playground Fun

Shopping Tips:

Size up when buying a pair of Stonz Rain Bootz with Fleece Linerz.  We got rain bootz in the same size as our winter bootz and they could definitely be a size bigger.  I know they won't fit anymore come spring. 

Already have rain boots that you like?  Consider buying a pair of fleece linerz to go with your current boots.  They are versatile and will work with most tall boots.  They would even work well in a pair of winter boots for extra warmth!  We are sold on the linerz and will be buying them going forward from now on.

The Linerz can also be purchased in baby sizes to go inside the Stonz Booties for added warmth.  

Stonz Rain Bootz in Winter - Toasty Warm
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Stonz Wear boots and mittz can be purchased off the Stonz Wear website with free shipping for orders $70 and above across Canada and the United States.  (Hawaii and Alaska excluded.)

Note - blue ice cleats shown in some photos do not come with the boots.  A review for them will be coming shortly though so stay tuned.  (and you definitely do not need ice cleats in snow.  I was merely testing them out to see if they'd stay on the boots - which they did.)

Disclaimer:  I received a pair of Stonz Rain Bootz and Fleece Linerz for review.  As always, opinions and thoughts are my own and I was not paid to write this review.


  1. Nice review. By the way, it looks like your son was wearing Ducksday rain suit in the pictures. How does it compare to MEC Newt rain suit (breathability, waterproofness....)?

    1. My son just got a ducksday rain suit. Love it! I'd say it compares en par with the Newt Rain suit but it might be a bit more breathable in my opinion. Same waterproofness I think. Definitely warm! We've had it on while playing in the snow at -17C with just a light jacket underneath, fleece pants, and long underwear.

    2. Is it "warmer" than Newt rain suit?

    3. I'm going to say yes. I think it is. But don't quote me on that. I haven't actually tested that theory. My son grew out of his Newt suit a while ago. So far I'm liking the Ducksday suit better. I like the fabric better. It isn't as plasticy/rain suit like. If that makes sense.

    4. My daughter has Newt suit already. It is a good rain suit but I don't like its fabric that much (very plastic...) . It doesn't seem to be breathable enough when the humidity is high. I find the inside of the suit became damp sometimes. So I'm thinking about trying the Ducksday suit but just not sure if it breath better than the Newt suit does. Thanks for answering my question. That helps a lot.