Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A Rocky Mountain Style Spin on "Girls Night Out"

Earlier this spring, I sent out an email to a dozen girlfriends suggesting the idea of a weekly girls’ night out. I explained that I didn’t want to go out for coffee, start a book club, or watch movies together. I wanted to climb mountains and figured we could catch up on the week’s gossip and parenting challenges on the drives out to the trailhead.

What resulted was this:

Lisa climbs her FIRST mountain ever.  While pregnant.  Yay Lisa!
New Friends Were Made.
A New Group of Friends Was Formed! 
We discovered that climbing mountains was so much more rewarding than going out for coffee!
We Grew Stronger With Each Hike We Did!!
We Perfected the Mountain Selfie!
We found some pretty sweet places to hang out and chat!
We Worked on Team Work!  A lot of group effort was required to get to this viewpoint!
We got a break from kids, families, work and life.
And somehow we always got back down by dark. 

Pretty Awesome Way to Spend a Summer Evening!


  1. What a spectacular version of "Girls Night Out"! The photos really show the fun and fitness. I especially love the one in which all together you look like a rainbow!

    1. Thanks Gail. I didn't even notice the rainbow but you're right. We do kind of look like a rainbow. :)