Monday, July 13, 2015

The Best Campgrounds for Active Families

Finding a great campground often comes down to your camping style. Do you go camping primarily to relax or do you search for a campground that serves as an adventure base camp? Families wanting to chill and take it easy while camping will definitely want to look for campgrounds with lakes, beaches, and quiet walking paths. Active families on the go will also enjoy swimming and paddling in a refreshing mountain lake but might want to seek out campgrounds that feature a great trail network for biking and hiking as well.

Biking on the Tunnel Bench Loop in Banff

In my newest story for Campers Village, I've talked about the top five campgrounds in Alberta that I recommend for active families seeking out opportunities to go biking, hiking, paddling, swimming, and all-out exploring.

The first campground I recommend is Tunnel Mountain Village I in Banff National Park.  Located on the Tunnel Bench above the town of Banff, this is a great campground for biking and hiking right out the door of your tent. You can set up camp and never have to get in your vehicle again from this campground.  Mountain bike trails are plentiful around the campground as are beautiful hiking trails from the hoodoos of Banff down to Bow Falls on the Bow River. Want to visit the Banff hot springs or head downtown for dinner? The Roam bus stops right by the campground providing easy access to the many attractions of Banff.

Tent to Trail Camping in Banff National Park

To read about my next four campground suggestions across Alberta, please follow this link to my story, The Best Campgrounds for Active Families.

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