Friday, August 21, 2015

No More Hot Dogs! How to Plan a Camp Feast

Hamburgers and hot dogs are ok for the first night on a camping trip but then what do you do to shake things up? You can’t live on hot dogs and marshmallows for the whole week long summer vacation camping trip. We’ve gotten creative over the last few years and have created a bunch of fun theme meals that can be prepared while camping with your family. Camp with a group of families and you can make the meals even bigger as you collaborate to create a giant outdoor feast!

Fajitas for Mexican Fiesta Night at Camp

This is our favourite camping theme meal:  Mexican Fiesta Night! This is our go to group camping meal because options are endless with this theme. We also love this fun camp feast because it pairs well with a plastic tub of cold Coronas or camp margaritas if you have the ability to use a blender at your campsite. Without a blender, be prepared to bring a large knife for crushing ice or buy crushed ice ahead of time. To take the feast one step further, buy a piƱata and fill it with candy for the kids. Hang it from a tree at the campsite and you’ll have the best camping feast ever!

Want to find out what we typically serve at camp for our Mexican Fiesta Night?  Check out my latest story for Campers Village:  Beyond Burgers and Hot Dogs: Planning a Camping Feast

If you read the story above, you'll also find out about  7 more theme meals I recommend for creating the ultimate Camp Feast!

Italian Night at Camp with Fresh BBQ Pizza!

Take a read and plan something fun for your upcoming September long weekend camping trip.


  1. Hello! Nice blog! I wanted to read more about your camping feasts but the Campers Village link does not work, just a FYI. Other than that, I can't wait to try the Mexican fiesta night! - clever!

    1. Thanks Veronica. The link has been fixed now and works. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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