Monday, November 16, 2015

Calgary's New Climb Park - The Hanger

Calgary Climbing Centre has several locations but their newest gym in the NE, The Hanger, has caught our attention and we are fast becoming regulars. The Climb Park is something you won't find at any other climbing facility or recreation centre in Calgary and is worth a drive across the city to visit.

Climbing the Bean Stock at the Climb Park

What you will find at the Climb Park:

21 colorful fun walls, climbing features, routes, and themed structures for climbers of all ages (though most fun and definitely targeted at children)

Auto-belay protection on all climbing walls, features, and routes in the Climb Park (meaning that parents will not have to belay or know how to climb.)

A playground for kids who like to climb!

Fun Features in the Climb Park

A glow in the dark climbing cave

Climbing the glow in the dark cave

A feature with soft blocks where you try to climb to the top before jumping down (picture shown earlier in the story)

Timed walls (timer stops as soon as you press a button at the top of the wall)

Drop down holds (beat the wall before the holds drop out from underneath you)

Timed walls at the Climb Park

Light up walls (climb the ladders to put out the fires in the windows you climb by, climb the volcano that lights up as you climb it, and climb the "happy face wall" to watch the various faces light up as you climb past them)

Climbing the Volcano at the Climb Park

A giant bean stock that you climb to the ceiling of the climb park (photo shown earlier in the story)

Fun walls (climb the giant "fun wall" letters or play a game as you climb where you slide your round puck around the maze on the wall)

Climbing the "Fun Wall" at the Climb Park (Maze wall seen to the left)

Walls with gears that rotate as you try to put your hands or feet on them

Climbing the Rotating Gears in the Climb Park

A giant slide!! (you'll only get raised up as high as you feel comfortable with) - video at the end of this story

The Slide in the Climb Park (do you dare go to the top?)

A giant platform you climb up to and then jump off of (try to jump out and grab the bar or the bag before being lowered to the ground) - video at the end of this story

Climbing one of the Fun Walls to put out the fires in the house

Information Before You Visit the Climb Park

Climb Park drop-ins: a 1 hour session is $20 +GST.

Participants must be between 40 lbs and 265 lbs, have a completed waiver form (which can be done online) and require non-marking shoes and socks.

Climb Park drop in visits start and finish on the hour. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure waivers are signed, to receive an orientation to the Climb Park, and to get a harness put on.

Parents wanting to watch their children climb must also sign a waiver and must have photo ID with them. You will then be given a bracelet and be allowed to watch from the carpeted area. If you do not get a bracelet, you will have to stay on the concrete floor to watch beside the Climb Park.

Climbing in the park is for drop-in use, but phone before you visit to find out when there is availability. The park may be completely full at certain times on weekends due to group or birthday party use. It's much more fun to visit earlier in the day when it's quiet!

Climb Park Parties: Groups of 8 participants or more can reserve a time by making a booking. The cost is $200 for a group of 8 (party room included after climbing) and extra climbers are $20 +GST per person.

Bring clean non-marking indoor shoes and socks. You do not need climbing shoes or a harness. (You actually won't be allowed to use your own harness and climbing shoes are not allowed on the fun walls.)

Families wanting to climb in the normal climbing area (where you will have to belay your child) will have to pay a separate price after visiting the Climb Park. There is no "all inclusive price" for the Centre. (Though I wish there was.)

Climbing the "Happy Face" Fun Wall

Videos in the Climb Park 

The Slide:

The Climbing Tower:

For more information on the Climb Park, please visit the Calgary Climbing Centre's website.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored or paid for. We have visited the Hanger three times now and love it there. All words and opinions are my own. 


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    1. It is a lot of fun! I hope you get a chance to go.

  2. This IS a fun place to visit! I went with my sister and kids the other day after seeing your pictures on instagram. So fun! Hoping to go again soon. It's worth the trip up from Lethbridge for an hour of fun. Thanks for passing on so many active fun things to do, Tanya! Awesome blog!

    1. Glad you got to go visit. So happy that you had fun.

    2. This looks awesome! My daughter needs to gain some weight so I can take her here! Thanks for a great winter sports idea :)

  3. We also went after seeing it on your facebook page and blog. My son is 8 and he loved it. Sooo much fun! Thanks for the great tip!