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Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia

Visiting ski resorts has become one of our favourite things to do year-round. So far this summer, we've enjoyed sightseeing gondola rides, lift-accessed hiking and mountain biking, I tackled some epic climbing on a guided via ferrata route, and we rode an awesome mountain roller coaster as a family - all at resorts that have traditionally focused on "winter sports."

Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
Views from the sightseeing gondola at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

We spent an hour at Revelstoke Mountain Resort last summer when we tried out the new Pipe Mountain Coaster. It was so much fun, we knew we had to go back this summer!

This year when we made our plans to return to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, we noticed that there are now more options for family fun at the resort, making it possible to spend a full day there.

Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
Riding the Pipe Mountain Coaster at Revelstoke Mountain Resort


Sightseeing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

There is now a second upper gondola running for sightseeing that carries day hikers to a higher station on the mountain. Here you'll find short family-friendly hiking trails, sightseeing platforms, and a cafe offering burgers, hot dogs, and cold drinks. You can also ride the lower gondola, getting off at the mid station and ride the Pipe Mountain Coaster. Pay for both the coaster and the sightseeing gondola, and you can ride up and down between the village and the two stations as much as you want all day long.

From the top of the upper gondola, we hiked the Cupcake Loop which took us roughly an hour. At one point we ended up on some new trails that I suspect are being built for mountain biking in the future (tons of berms and banked corners!) We now know what we hope to do next summer when we return.

Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
Find me a child who doesn't love a gondola ride

A typical day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort could look like this:

  •  Arrive, purchase your sightseeing passes and pipe coaster tickets. And don't forget to go get your numbers for the coaster! You have to go over to the gondola and get your numbers so that you know when to go up to the mid mountain station and prepare to ride. (We lucked out and had no wait. We were able to go straight up the gondola to take our ride down on the coaster.)

  • Either take the lower gondola up to ride the pipe mountain coaster, grab a coffee and a pastry from La Baguette at the main village while you wait for your section of numbers to be called, or take the upper gondola to the viewing platforms higher up the mountain if you have a long wait. (Note that you first have to ride the lower gondola to the mid station, and then transfer to the upper gondola here. So you'll get two separate gondola rides.)

  • Enjoy brunch at Revelation Lodge (located at the top of the lower gondola.) You can purchase combo packages which include riding both gondolas, brunch at Revelation Lodge, and a ride on the Pipe Mountain Coaster.

  • Ride the Coaster when your numbers are called, take a hike at the upper station, or enjoy a round of disc golf at the mid station. (maps are available at the village below in the retail store)

Visit the resort website for full information on the sightseeing gondola and hiking trails

Information on all packages and tickets is here.

Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
Views from the top of the upper gondola at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The Pipe Mountain Coaster 

This is the true "highlight" of any visit to Revelstoke Mountain Resort in the summer. Realistically, there are many resorts offering sightseeing gondola rides and lift-accessed hiking. I don't know of any other in Western Canada (or North America even) though that has a roller coaster going down the mountain!

A few stats:

  • Travel up to 42 km/hr (26 mph)

  • Enjoy 1.4 km of twists and turns

  • Scream down a 279 m vertical drop

  • Ride through a tunnel

  • Control your own speed (though most people prefer to go full throttle!)

  • Fly around corners, over sharp drops, and enjoy the thrill of your life!
Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
My  8 year old was old enough to ride in his own car down the mountain (last year he rode with his dad)

 We LOVE the Pipe Coaster and always find that once is never enough.

For full information read all about the Pipe Mountain Coaster on the resort website.

And if you have a long wait ahead of you, you can always go down into Revelstoke for a while, and follow your numbers on the Revelstoke Mountain Resort website.

Also, note that if you've heard about the loooong wait times that the resort experienced in 2016, fear not! Things have improved a lot this year. As I said earlier, we had no wait at all!

And follow this link to watch a promo video that the resort produced, giving you a first person preview of what to expect on the Pipe Mountain Coaster.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All riders must pay. So if you have a younger kid riding with a parent, both will pay.

  • Kids must be at least 3 years old to ride with a parent. And must be at least 8 years old to ride on their own (and 4' 1" or taller.) And there is a minimum of 16 years of age to ride with a passenger in the cart. So, your older teen in theory could ride with your younger child.

  • Kids riding with a parent must not be taller than the parent's shoulders. See the photo below of my husband and son. (I was too short to ride with my son.)

  •  Maximum weight capacity per cart is 118 kg (260 lbs). Keep this in mind if a "larger" parent is going to ride with a heavy 7-year old

Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
Younger kids ride tandem with an adult on the coaster


Other Activities Offered at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in Summer

Guided hiking is also available if you'd like to explore areas above the upper station. Full information and rates can be found on the resort website.

Other area activities include tandem paragliding, rafting, and golfing.
    Information on these activities can be found here.

    Mountain Biking is also a popular activity in the area. (Information here.)

    Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
    Riding the gondola down from the upper station at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    Visiting Revelstoke and want more information/travel suggestions?

    Visit the Revelstoke Tourism website for information on accommodations, activities, restaurants, and local events.

    Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Rockies Family Adventures
    Summer Fun at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    Disclaimer: Our day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort was sponsored by the resort and we received complimentary tickets. As always, all words and opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this story.

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