Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Raising the Next Generation... on Snowshoes

Today I'm excited to tell you about my latest story over at Snowshoe Magazine.  I was asked to become a contributor for this amazing magazine based out of Colorado after sharing my Sunshine Meadows snowshoeing experience with them back in January.  The original story posted here on my blog, Move Over Skis - Hello Snowshoes,was rewritten with a fresh perspective and published for Snowshoe Magazine as A New Year and a New Sport

This week if you visit Snowshoe Magazine online, you will be able to read my newest story for them, Raising the Next Generation...on Snowshoes.  The story was inspired by a YouTube search the other day for child skiing Vs. child snowshoeing.  While there were more than 2000 results for skiing with titles ranging from “amazing three-year old skier” to “extraordinary four-year old skier,” there were only 70 results for snowshoeing - mostly consisting of gear reviews and sponsored videos for outdoor companies. Words like amazing or extraordinary were nowhere to be seen and I found no mention of a little ripper or shredder tearing up the snowshoe trails. I wondered what you would even call a kid on snowshoes. A little stomper?

I'm proud of the story that resulted and I hope you will follow the link above to read it.   Below is a photo of My Little Stomper and I will be insanely proud of him in whichever sport he chooses to pursue as he grows older be it skiing or snowshoeing.

Perfecting the Dinosaur Stomp

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