Friday, February 22, 2013

The Power of a Girl's Getaway

It was January, 2011 and I had left my son for the first time since his birth. He was safe at home with Grandma while my husband and I skied into a backcountry lodge for the weekend. It was also the first big trip since I’d become a mom. I was scared on every big hill and confess to leaving my climbing skins on for some of the downhill sections of trail.

What I remember most about the weekend though, isn’t the lodge or the challenging ski trip. What I remember are the girls I met while I was at the lodge – 5 amazing moms who had left their kids and husbands for the weekend, who were vibrant and full of life, and who inspired me to one day follow in their footsteps on my own girl’s getaway. All I needed was to find my own group of girlfriends and super-strong mountain mamas. I had to find a group of women who would be brave enough to leave their kids for a weekend and to venture off the beaten path into the wilds of Banff with me. How hard could that be?...

To read the rest of my new story, please follow this link to Women's Adventure Magazine.   I have partnered with this Colorado based magazine once again for what I hope is one of my most inspiring stories to date on the power of women and moms taking time for themselves and getting away to recharge the batteries.

13 Moms, a great backcountry ski lodge, and one awesome weekend! (Photo:  Jen Sollid)

To read more about the lodge we stayed at for our girl's trip this month, follow the link to my story, Sundance Lodge - Home in the Backcountry

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