Sunday, November 17, 2013

Snow Warm! An Outdoor Mom's Christmas Wish List

Are you a cold climate outdoor mom looking for ideas to add to your Christmas wish list?  Or, maybe you are married/related to one of us amazing creatures and need some solid hints to blow this year's gift out of the water.    

Below are my top suggestions that will definitely make the outdoor mom on your shopping list happy this Christmas.  A few are on my own list but most of them are suggestions I give you after thorough testing and reviewing because I can't really suggest something I don't already know and love.

Everything I'm wearing was a Christmas gift over the last two years

A Down Skirt

One of the sentences that comes out of my mouth the most when I'm outside in cold weather is this:  My bum is so happy!!!

Snowshoeing in my Skhoop down skirt

I bought a short down skirt last winter and haven't had a cold back end since!  It's the most amazing piece of clothing in my closet  (and one of the most expensive.)  Due to the crazy high cost of these things, you've definitely got to put it on your Christmas list.  Then, receive and enjoy!  

Get over the guilt that you just spent $150+ on a skirt (because you didn't buy it) and just enjoy it!  I have a short black down Skhoop skirt that I got for Christmas last year.  I can wear it snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skating, and winter hiking because it has two-way zippers on both sides for those times when I need an increased range of motion.  

Skiing in my Skhoop Skirt

There are a few options for insulated skirts but Skhoop out of Alaska clears the competition by a mile.  They carry skirts in every colour of the rainbow, in various lengths from mini-skirts to full ankle length skirts, and in different fabrics from down to a light insulated skirt.  They even sell Merino wool skirts!!! (and yes, that IS on my Christmas list.)

Skhoop down skirt worn over fleece tights = WARMTH

Keen Howser Shoes

Along with my down skirt, this is what I most rave about these days!  I'm pretty sure most of my friends are sick of hearing about how happy my feet are.  But it's true!  They are happy and I can't stop talking about it. I love my Keen Howser Shoes

What's not to like about little magic sleeping bags for your feet? So far I've been wearing them all over the city through snow, puddles, sleet, and ice - with warm dry feet (which is amazing given how low cut they are.)  They have to be tried to believe it.

Side note, they also come in men's, kids', and youth sizing. 

The Keen Howser Shoe

A Skating Coat

A "skating coat" is what I call a long down coat that covers the bum.  (can you tell that my bum is always cold?!)

All the long underwear in the world isn't going to help when you're moving at a toddler or preschool pace, building snowmen, rolling around in the snow, or sitting on a frozen hill pushing your child down the hill on a sled over and over.

I think the expression "skating coat" originates in the hockey arena where moms sit on cold bleachers watching their children play minor league hockey for hours, freezing their butts off.  You don't want to wear ski pants to the arena to watch hockey.  Hence, the long down coat.  I wear mine to church, I wear it to play in the snow, and yes, I wear it skating.  

To shop long down coats, check out the Columbia Sportswear site. You should be able to find their coats in most local sports stores too.

My favourite Columbia skating coat 

Other Ideas
  • New mittens or gloves 

  • New long underwear 

  • A new tuque, Buff, or knit hat (My personal favourite is the Sunday Afternoon Aurora Beanie.)

  •  A new hoodie or fleece sweater in her favourite colour

  • A light puffy jacket to keep her toasty warm this winter 

  • New Smart Wool Socks (you can never have enough)

Mount Engadine Lodge, Kananaskis

And for the absolute win - take her somewhere like this for the weekend!!!

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  1. I have the exact same long down coat in blue. I got it last year and love it. Great for outdoors and super stylish. I think you'll love yours too! Also, now that I'm doing more snowshoeing I can totally appreciate the cold bum problem!

  2. Fantastic article! So glad I stumbled across your blog. Thank you!