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Ride on! A Junior Cyclist's Christmas Wish List

What's the best Christmas gift you could give the outdoor child who loves biking?  A new bike?  A bike upgrade?  Funky new helmet or cycling gloves?  Here is my Christmas gift guide for the junior cyclist in your family - guaranteed to make them squeal Christmas morning!

Ride on!  A Junior Cyclist's Christmas Wish List

One - A Spawn Cycles Bike

While you could go down to ToysRus or Walmart to pick up your child's first bike, there's nothing like an aluminum light-weight bike to help your child master the sport of cycling.  Whether your child prefers pavement or trails, a good bike will get them where they want to go faster.  

My son got his Spawn Cycles 16" Banshee bike this spring and it was incredible to watch how quickly he went from average to amazing on the little green machine!  We transitioned from a balance bike to the new pedal bike in a couple of weeks.

The Spawn Cycles 16" Banshee

The Spawn bikes are not cheap but they are an investment!  They can be passed down to siblings, onto friends, and then onto their siblings.  This isn't a bike that you throw away after a year when it's fallen apart.  

My Junior Rider

To read the full review I wrote on the Spawn Banshee, visit Kids on Wheels - Choosing a Good Bike.  
For more information on the complete line up of Spawn Cycles bikes, visit their website at Spawn Cycles.  Their pedal bikes come in 14", 16" and now 20" with the new Spawn Cycles Savage 1.0 and 2.0.

Off Trail Riding on the Spawn Banshee

I can think of no better gift for an outdoor kid than a new bike under the Christmas tree this year.   And it's the perfect time to justify buying a new bike, right?

Bikes can only be ordered online so visit the Spawn Cycles website.  (Order NOW for all Christmas orders.  They sell out fast.)

Fall Riding

Two - A Fun New Bike Helmet

How much fun would it be to see a cool new bike helmet under the tree in your child's favourite color? Check out the great collection of helmets at All out Kids Gear and support a local Alberta business this Christmas. 

You've got to wear a helmet so you might as well make it as fun as possible to wear one.  Style is everything - even to children.  And who knows, maybe that child who protests and fights every time you pull out the bike helmet would finally agree to wear it if they got to choose a fun new design.

Bike helmets don't have to be boring

Three - Bike Gloves

Safe and Fun!  When a kid falls, it's inevitably the hands that take some of the worst beating.  But it's so preventable.  Buy a cheap pair of bike gloves and your child is not only cool (I'm a real biker now!)  but safer and protected from falls.  We actually had a rule in our house when our son was learning to ride his bike that he didn't get on it unless he was wearing a helmet, long pants, AND gloves.  

Nothing ends a bike ride real fast like scraped hands or knees.

Our favourite bike gloves are the Zippyrooz half finger or full finger gloves that you can order online through All Out Kids Gear. They're lightweight, comfortable, and super stretchy (meaning they'll last a few years!) 

These gloves are also great for hiking and rock climbing! (anything that saves the hands in a fall.)

Off Trail Riding with Bike Gloves - recommended!

Four - Their Very Own Bike Jersey

If you watch cycling on TV with your child, they will know that real cyclists wear jerseys.  How cool would it be therefore to get one of their very own?  And while they are super hard to find, Rocky Mountain Rags out of Colorado has a great kids' collection of jerseys.   

One of our friends showing off his bike jersey at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Five - A Bell!

I'm pretty sure it's required by law to have a bell on your bike here in Canada.  And who doesn't want to have one on their bike anyway?!  Especially for kids - it's the best part about their bike.  And again, another great idea for stocking stuffer!!

Little Bike, Big Bell

And for the child yet to become a Cycle Master - a Balance Bike

Skip the training wheels and teach your child to ride with a balance bike.  Spawn Cycles has a balance bike called the Spawn Tengu which comes complete with hand brakes.  (unusual for a balance bike.)  This is a great option for the dare devil child who can't stay away from hills and is destined for big wipe-outs without a brake. (My son could have used one.)

Mountain Biking on the Strider Balance Bike

For my family personally, we had a Strider Balance Bike which did not have a hand brake, but was light!!

We did a lot of bike hikes with our Strider Balance Bike which involved me carrying the bike up hills, mountains, and steep paths so that my son could ride on flatter terrain up top (or ride down from the top.) For me, a lightweight balance bike was more important than something that had brakes.  

Strider Bike Hiking on Nose Hill

This Christmas, put a balance bike under the tree for your child and you'll be able to teach him or her to ride it in your basement or living room until the snow melts a bit. For bikes, new tires, and other Strider Accessories in Calgary, contact Strider Bike Canada

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