Friday, March 28, 2014

Does Adventure Have to be Fun?

Rain slowly fell around me in a steady drizzle as I made my way up to the pass, complaining miserably that this was not fun. What’s fun about backpacking through rain and snow (which we got the next day), setting up a tent in the cold, and then huddling under a small tarp eating freeze-dried chicken and rice—only to finally call it a day at 8 p.m. and go to bed?! I have many words that come to mind to describe our backpacking trip in Banff National Park last fall, but “fun” isn’t really one of them.

Fun?  Really? 
And with that introduction, the full story as published yesterday for Women's Adventure Magazine, proceeds to ask the question - Is Adventure Worth Pursuing Even WHEN It's Not Fun??

Brave Faces on a Cold Autumn Day
What is the real reason I embark on this kind of adventure in the backcountry? Is it for the fun? Do I carry a heavy backpack up a thousand metres to reach camp, placing myself entirely in Mother Nature’s hands and goodwill while suffering from blisters and bruised toes (I lost six toenails after this particular weekend), all because it’s just so much fun? Perhaps there is a different reason I choose to do this kind of trip. Something equally important to, or more important than, having fun.

Why do I do this again??

To read  the full story, go to Does Adventure Have to Be Fun at Women's Adventure Magazine. - and then leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Soggy Hiking above Shadow Lake

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