Monday, March 31, 2014

The Unwelcome House Guest - Dealing with Snow in April

I was going to mention "enjoying" the April snow in my story's title, but let's be realistic - We are all d.o.n.e with the snow!  At most right now we can learn how to make the most of these final snowy days where it feels like we're still shoveling every single morning. But, like the expression, "make hay while the sun shines," I think it's appropriate to say "go skiing while the snow falls."  I mean, what else are you gonna do besides crawl into a hole for the next few weeks and cry.  (and I don't think that's really an option.)

Fluffy spring powder day

This is how we spent the last few days:

Yesterday, a couple girlfriends and I spent 5.5 hours cross country skiing in Kananaskis through fluffy soft snow, we enjoyed warm weather, dealt with the occasional clumping on our skis, and embraced the snow.  Rather than fight with it, we made it our friend.  Snow = Fun.  Even in April.

Meanwhile, last Friday I took my son skiing for the day and he did his longest ski of the season at 6km.  It was warm and sunny, we had perfect conditions on trails groomed to perfection, we didn't have to worry about freezing our toes and fingers, and we could stop for breaks rather than skiing at a fast pace to stay warm.  THIS is the perfect weather for skiing with kids.  Even if it is April. 

Ski day at the end of March on perfect trails!


Need more inspiration that snow in April can still be enjoyable?

Check out this story I wrote last April:  Making the Most of the Late Season Snow 

Chances are, the kids aren't as tired of the snow as you are.

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No snow on the city pathways - so get riding!
I'll try to mix it up a bit but I still have a LOT of snow stories to share with you so I hope you'll bear with me.  :)

You can still have a spring picnic - even in the snow.


  1. Nice post. We received 22 cm snow this morning and it kept snowing the entire day. Mother Nature is playing an April Fools' joke on much of Newfoundland with a spring storm. The wet snow is perfect for making snowman and my 22-month-old was happily "helping" making the snowman. It is unusual to have that much snow in spring but we are OK with that. It is also nice to be able to use my daughter's baby sled one last time (?) before she outgrow it. :)

    1. Thanks! I agree, might as well get out and enjoy the snow. Not like it's going anywhere soon. :)
      And, spring is the BEST time to make a snowman.