Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Camping Made Easy - Wilderness Games for Camp and the Trail

When it comes to outdoor play, children are generally pretty good at creating their own games and will surprise you with how little adult interaction they need to keep themselves occupied and engaged. A thicket of trees quickly transforms into a fortress or secret hide-out, a stick becomes a sword, and a creek with mud and rocks will entertain children all day!

Tigers and butterflies can hike all day

I still find though, that I like to have a few games in my back pocket for moments when the troops get bored, hikes get longer than expected, or energy levels start to drop on an outing. Never underestimate the power of a game of hide-and-seek to push tired hikers another 3km down the trail at the end of the day – long after your child has reached his last step.

Mud and a Butterfly Net - Success!

In my newest story that I've written for Campers Village, I offer up some suggestions for games that you can play outside this summer when camping, hiking, or just playing in your favourite natural area.  I've also included nature activities and suggestions for fun things to do outside for the whole family.

Go to Wilderness Games for the Whole Family to read my full story on outdoor games and nature activities for kids all the way from toddlers to teenagers.

Simple nature play is as good as any game


Other Resources:

The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping with Kids by Helen Olsson (this book has a whole chapter on campsite boredom busters and a chapter on camp arts and crafts.)

Hikes with Tykes: Games and Activities by Rob Bignell (This book features over 100 different activities to do with children of all ages when outside camping, hiking, or playing in nature.)

Check out my Pinterest Board on Outdoor Play.  It's full of fun ideas, links to printable scavenger hunts, and pins from popular outdoor blogs.

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