Monday, October 20, 2014

Family Camping Made Easy - Always Bring Friends

I haven't written a whole lot about our camping adventures this summer because most of the time we spent our days biking or paddling rather than hanging out at camp.  Our campsites were often "basecamps" for these day trips away from camp and we'd play hard from morning to late afternoon, trying to do as many fun things as we could at each destination.

A typical day "camping"

While we didn't spend a ton of time at each campsite this summer, we still enjoyed camping with friends where our hours at camp were always a lot of fun.  The kids would run wild around the campground, the adults would enjoy afternoon "happy hour," and we'd often cook meals together or hold margarita parties with Mexican Fiesta dinners. We even had a disco dance party one afternoon before the evening meal.

Crazy Afternoons at Camp
Margarita Parties were always a hit!  (with juice for the kids)
Nothing like a camp disco dance party.  YMCA! 

We even celebrated one birthday while camping and had a very special pinata for the birthday girl (me) - who, is still working her way through all the bottles contained inside the pinata!

Celebrating Birthdays at Camp

Below are some of the other highlights from a summer of camping with a great group of friends:

Party Central in the Hammock

Apparently, you can fit 6 kids in a hammock
The hammock was always the best toy at camp

Great Memories on the Water

Evening Paddling on Lower Kananaskis Lake
Red Deer River Overnight Trip
Learning to kayak at Surveyor's Lake, BC

And More Great Memories IN the Water


Always the highlight of camping in Dinosaur Provincial Park
Playing in the creek at the Canyon Campground in Kananaskis

Teaching the Kids to Play Cards

Rainy Day Fun Playing Cards

Hiking with Friends

Hiking in Waterton in July
Wonder what they're talking about...

S'mores and Campfires

And Spending Time with Friends

Camp Friends are the Best Friends

Thanks to all who joined us for our camping trips this summer and we're looking forward to more great trips next year! Now, let it snow!

Great campgrounds always have a beach!

See you at the campground next summer!

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