Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thanksgiving at Lake Lillian in the Columbia Valley

We welcomed in another season of paddling and mountain biking in the Columbia Valley this past Easter, and we returned this Thanksgiving to say goodbye to our bikes and boats for another six months.  Noah and I still use our bikes to commute to school and back but we don't have any more mountain bike trips planned until next spring, and the boats are definitely drying out until warmer weather returns.

Paddling on Lake Lillian, Invermere

We usually drive north to visit family for Canadian Thanksgiving in October but this year we thought it fitting to return to the Radium Hotsprings and Invermere area across the border in BC for one final "play-cation" this fall.  We had started the season here at Easter, and wanted to wrap up the "warm weather season" with some of the same friends we'd biked and paddled with in April.  

Thanksgiving in Invermere, Columbia Valley

We spent three fun-filled days biking, paddling, hiking, playing and soaking in the hot pools in Radium Hotsprings, and even doing some outdoor art.

Celebrating an Outdoor Thanksgiving in the Columbia Valley

Paddling, Biking and Outdoor Art on Lake Lillian

Lake Lillian is located just outside of Invermere on the Toby Creek Road that goes up to the Panorama Mountain Resort. We like to paddle here because the water is calm, sheltered, and safe for the kids. 

Learning to Kayak on Lake Lillian
Beginner Kayaking on the lake
Great Family Paddling on Lake Lillian
Flashback to Easter this year at  Lake Lillian
Easter at  Lake Lillian - and yes, that was ice!

The lake is a fun place to spend the day because there are fire pits and picnic tables with mountain bike trails across the road.  At Easter we had the children color Easter Eggs, and at Thanksgiving they painted pumpkins.  Both times, we did some mountain biking and had a fire while there as well.

Pumpkin and Gourd Painting for Thanksgiving
Bringing Art Outside
Coloring Eggs at Easter
Outdoor Art at Easter at  Lake Lillian

To read about our mountain biking adventures at Lake Lillian over the Thanksgiving weekend, read my previous story:  The Best Family Bike Trails in the Columbia Valley 

Mountain Biking on the trails at Lake Lillian at Thanksgiving
Easter biking at Lake Lillian
Even the youngest in our group bikes at Lake Lillian

Returning to Ski on Lake Lillian

It won't be long before we're back out at Lake Lillian skiing and skating this winter.  The Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club maintains a ski loop on the lake for recreational x-country use over the cold months in the valley. We skied here with the kids last New Year's and hope to be back this year again.

Skiing on Lake Lillian last December
Family-friendly skiing on Lake Lillian
Skating on the lake

I'd love to hear if you have favourite places you always visit in the Invermere area.  Like most Calgarians, we love making the trek west to find warm sunny weather in the warm Columbia Valley, and we're always looking for new places to check out.

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