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Summer Planning: Where to Camp in the National Parks of Alberta

My previous Alberta camping story on the best provincial park campgrounds in Southern Alberta has been immensely popular but it was missing the beautiful national park campgrounds along with one very sweet private campground we love outside of Waterton Lakes National Park.

Without further introduction, below are the best places to camp in (or near) Alberta's mountain parks.

Camping in Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes has to be one of our favourite places to go camping and it's an easy drive of under 3 hours. Go for a long weekend and make sure to read the following stories as you plan out your trip:

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Hiking at the Waterton Springs Campground

Our favourite campground in Waterton is the private Waterton Springs Campground.  Reservations are accepted starting May 1st each year by phone call. The campground is located just outside the park gates and we stay here because it's a quiet little retreat outside the tourist zone that is Waterton.  We also love hiking in the nature reserve above the campground.

Biking the Kootenai Brown Trail in Waterton Lakes National Park

Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park

This is our favourite place to camp in Banff National Park and probably the best campground located within an hour's drive from the Calgary city limits. The campground you want to stay at is called Two Jack Lakeside (not Two Jack Main) and it offers premier lakeside campsites for those on the ball early enough to book the best sites.

Paddling on Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park

What's to love about Two Jack Lakeside:
  • Lakeside camping
  • Walk-in tenting at lakeside sites
  • Warm heated bathrooms with showers
  • Comfort camping in O'TENTiks
  • Close to the town of Banff
  • Family-friendly paddling on Two Jack Lake
Canoeing on Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park

To read more on this campground, read my story:  Banff Campground Review - The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome.

For more information on Comfort Camping at Two Jack Lake, read Comfort Camping in Banff National Park  and Comfort Camping in Banff - the Experience.

The reservation date for Banff campsites this year is April 2nd and you can book for the whole summer.  More information can be found here on the Parks Canada website.  

Lakeside site and O'TENTik at Two Jack Lake in Banff

Tunnel Mountain Campgrounds, Banff National Park

These aren't the most scenic, remote, or private of campgrounds.  What you're getting here though is convenience (camping right in the town of Banff,) serviced sites with power if you desire this amenity, and enough space for a large RV if that's what you bring camping.

There are three campgrounds on Tunnel Mountain and The Village I campground is where tenters or families with small trailers will want to be.  It's the most natural of the campgrounds and you will not be camped on pavement.  At Village II you'll be camping on pavement but you'll also have power for your trailer or RV (great for chilly spring camping.)  Finally, the Tunnel Mountain Trailer campground is where you'll find space for a large RV or motorhome with service at every site.

Lovely private sites surrounded by trees on all sides at Tunnel Village I

For our family, the main reason to camp on Tunnel Mountain is for the mountain biking. The Tunnel Campground loop goes around the three campgrounds and is a great intro to children wanting to learn to bike off pavement. It's a great family ride with compact gravel and dirt.  It's also wide enough for parents pulling Chariots.

Mountain biking on Tunnel Mountain, Banff

There are also dozens of other mountain bike trails on Tunnel Mountain for riders of all abilities.  We love the Tunnel Bench Loop and the Bow Falls- Hoodoos Trail.

More information on biking in Banff can be found here on the Banff NP website.

I've also written about biking in Banff here:   

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Mountain Biking the Tunnel Bench Loop in Banff with Kids.

Trying to conquer the Tunnel Bench Loop

For more information on camping at Tunnel Mountain, visit the Banff NP website or read my story:   Our New Favourite Campground in Banff.

Reservations follow the same process as for Two Jack Lakeside above and can be made on April 2nd this year.

The bike trails are why you camp on Tunnel Mountain in Banff

The Icefields Parkway, Banff and Jasper National Parks

There's no "one" campground here that is best.  All of the campgrounds along the scenic Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper are awesome. They are primitive (so don't expect showers,) and most of them don't accept reservations (so aim for camping mid-week during summer peak season,) but this is premier camping in Banff with views to die for.

Scenery of the Athabasca Glacier from the Wilcox Pass Hiking Trail, Icefields Parkway

If I were to pick my favourite campground along this scenic highway, I would choose Mosquito Creek.  It's located close to Bow Lake for hiking and paddling, close to Bow Summit and Peyto Lake (for more hiking and classic tourist views,) and it's only a half hour drive from Lake Louise.

Bow Lake on the Icefields Parkway

For more information on the Icefields Parkway, visit this link to the Jasper National Park website.  A map can be viewed here and information on camping can be viewed at the Banff National Park website or the Jasper NP website.

Campground choices on the Parkway:

Mosquito Creek, Silverhorn Creek, Waterfowl Lakes or Rampart Creek - Banff
And most of the campgrounds listed for Jasper are located on the Icefields Parkway.  (exceptions, Pocahontas and Snaring River)

Hiking on Parker Ridge, Icefields Parkway

Top Attractions on the Icefields Parkway for Families:
Information on the hikes mentioned above can be found on the Banff Lake Louise Tourism website.

The Majestic Icefields Parkway from Bow Summit

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Jasper National Park

After exploring the Icefields Parkway, you should definitely continue on to the town of Jasper and camp nearby for a few nights at least.  Our favourite campground is the Wapiti Campground  because it's at the end of the Wapiti bike trail and we can bike to town and back from camp.

The other popular campground is Whistlers which offers comfort camping and proximity to the Jasper Tramway.  You really can't go wrong with either campground and they both offer serviced sites if you have a trailer or RV and want power.

Hiking up Whistler's Mountain in Jasper

Top attractions and Activities in Jasper for Families:
Paddling on Pyramid Lake, Jasper

Recommended reading:

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Biking along the Athabasca River in Jasper

For more information on Jasper, visit the Jasper NP website or Tourism Jasper website.

Campsites in Jasper can be booked for the whole summer season as of April 1st this year.  More information is on the Parks Canada website.

My beautiful Jasper as seen from Whistler's Mountain

Questions?  Missed your favourite campground? Leave a comment below.

All information on booking these great campgrounds can be found HERE


  1. Perfect timing! We're trying to make summer plans but ALL the places look beautiful. Your darn gorgeous photos. ; )

  2. Seriously using this guide to plan our entire trip through Banff and Jasper. Thank you so much for all of the AMAZING info!

    1. So glad to hear Becca. Have a great summer. Let me know if you have questions.

  3. Hey Tanya! Ok, so I'm going to take you up on the questions offer- I'm struggling to figure out what's worth it in this area for our 10 day trip to Yoho/Banff/Jasper. Me and my husband plan to drive from Spokane and camp our way through the parks coming in on August 6 and leaving the 16. Here are a couple things I'm wondering:
    1. Is it worth staying in Yoho for 2-3 nights and hitting some spots around there?? I was thinking Emerald Lake, Takakkaw Falls, Lake O'Hara day, and maybe even Lake Louise while we're over there. It seems like all of these would be convenient to Kicking Horse.

    2. I'm working really hard to reserve campsites at Two Jack Lakeside. Is it worth arranging the trip to make that happen?? *so sad I started planning after the reservation date opened!) I've heard it's really the best Banff Campground but wondering HOW good it really is.

    Here's a tentative campsite itinerary:

    Saturday - fly into Spokane around 10:30pm, drive to Bonners Ferry and sleep for the night.

    Sunday - up early to cross Canada border, arrive at Yoho early in the day to secure campsite

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday night- sleep in Yoho and do attractions on that side of the park

    Wednesday daytime- drive up Icefields

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights- camp at Wapiti in Jasper

    Saturday daytime- Icefields Parkway other direction, camp at Mosquito Creek for night

    Sunday, Monday- camp at Two Jack Lakeside in Banff NP

    Tuesday- drive down to Creston for the night

    Wednesday- fly out of Spokane

    I had initially planned this because I wanted to hit Two Jack Lakeside in Banff on a weekday:

    Saturday- fly into Spokane at night and sleep in Bonner's Ferry

    Sunday- drive to Yoho and secure campsite for two nights

    Sunday, Monday- sleep in Yoho

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights- Banff (Two Jack Lakeside)

    Friday- drive up Icefields

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights- Jasper NP (Wapiti)

    Monday- drive down Icefields, stay at Mosquito Creek for night

    Tuesday- drive back to Spokane

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi, If you want to send me an email it's probably easier to answer your questions there. Thanks.
      koob dot tanya at gmail dot com

  4. Next time you're in the Banff/Jasper area, take a detour at Saskatchewan Crossing and take the David Thompson highway! There is a campground called Two Oclock Creek, near Abraham Lake. A nearby hike will be Siffluer Falls. Highly recommend! Beautiful area.

    1. Hi Jaylene. It's definitely on my list to spend some more time in that area. There are a few hikes I want to do in that area. Thanks.