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Calgary's Newest Family Climb Park, Calgary Climbing Centre, Rocky Mountain

We had the opportunity to visit Calgary's newest climb park at the Calgary Climbing Centre (CCC) Rocky Mountain location. Debate is up on whether it's better than the original climb park at the Hanger in the NE or if it's equally awesome.

Climb Park at the Calgary Climbing Centre, Rocky Mountain Location  (Featured: Blobs of Doom)

Climb Parks - A Fun Way to Try Climbing for the Whole Family 

All equipment is provided (Featured: Ball and Socket)
Climb Parks have auto belay walls so you don't have to be a rock climber to take the kids to the climbing gym. This is an activity that everybody can do.

You won't need climbing shoes, a harness, or any special gear either to participate in a climb park experience. Show up with clean indoor shoes and you're good to go. (They actually encourage regular shoes because you can't use climbing shoes on the park walls if they leave marks.)

The other great thing for families who might not have the most experience with climbing is that there is staff on hand in the park at all times to make sure you're kept safe and that you're clipped into the routes correctly. They will also offer help and suggestions for mastering each wall.

Finally, a climb park experience only lasts an hour (you pay for a one-hour session) so there's no big commitment if you discover you're scared of heights, that you actually don't like climbing, or if you get tired after trying a few walls.

Read more about the Calgary Climbing Centre Climb Parks here

Kids climbing the walls? It's ok in a climb park! (Features: Labyrinth, Castle, and Blobs of Doom)

Details on cost, who can climb, and how to register for a session

Straight from the Calgary Climbing Centre website:

"Sessions start on the hour. Participants must weigh between 40 and 265 lbs., have signed a waiver form and be wearing clean, non-marking shoes and socks. We recommend this activity for ages 6 and up but do permit 5 year olds when appropriate."

It's recommended that you reserve a spot via the online booking form but you can just drop in too and they will try to accommodate you if the park isn't busy.

Climb parks are fun for both adults and kids together! (Featured: Wobbly Blocks)

And, Climb Parks are fun for adults too!

I was planning on climbing when I was at the gym with my family but alas, I'd just sprained my ankle hiking a few hours earlier. No climbing for me! My friend happily filled in, spending an hour climbing with my son and her two kids - and loved it!

When I asked my friend what she thought of the experience she said she was absolutely exhausted after an hour! (And she's a real rock climber who knows her way around a climbing gym!) I could tell that she had a lot of fun and I loved watching her race her kids up the walls, challenging them to reach the top, and then jumping off the top of the walls together with them.

Next time, I'm climbing too because I've had a lot of fun at the climb park in the NE.

Even adults have fun in a climb park! (Features: Gearhead and Fireman's Wall)

An Introduction to the Walls in the New Climb Park 

I counted 20 different walls and fun features while I was at the climb park. Most of the park consists of fun theme walls, but there are also a few larger features as well that really stand out.

Below were our favourite walls and features:

  • Blobs of doom - climb all the faces, and hurry up, they're watching you

  • Castle - Conquer the castle and climb its walls like a brave knight

  • Labyrinth - Move a special hold around the labyrinth and try to get it towards one of the exits while climbing

  • Ball and socket - You need balance rather than brute strength, as you precariously bridge up the corner using the rounded blobs

  • Cannon balls - Climb with the help of the hanging cannon balls, which are in place of the regular hand holds

The Cannon Balls wall was extremely hard to climb (Ball and Socket in the corner behind)

  • Dino - Have you ever wondered what it's like to climb a dinosaur Try reaching the top and touching dino's nose

  • Fireman's Wall - Reach the top of the wall while putting out each fire, just like a real fireman

  • Gearhead - Rotating gears make it harder to reach the top. Show no fear and find your balance to complete the game

  • Speed Wall - You and your rival, plus two walls with identical routes, holds, starts, and finish buttons, and timers to measure your speed. 1, 2, 3...Go!

  • Steering Wheels - These attractive discs provide you with large and positive holds. The challenge however, is that they spin.

Climbing up the "Steering Wheels" Feature (Giraffe and gearhead in the background)

  • Molecules - Master the elements and discover chemistry of the fun of climbing

  • Reflective Chimney - Go all the way to the top by using both sides of the chimney

  • The Climbing Net - Always fun!

  • The Wobbly Blocks - Very challenging to reach the top!

  • The Hotdog - Shown below, a large red tube you get to climb up

Climbing the Hotdog at the Calgary Climbing Centre, Rocky Mountain Location

Major Differences between the Two Calgary Climb Parks 

You can read all about the other climb park in Calgary at the Hanger location in the NE here: Calgary's New Climb Park - the Hanger. 

Both parks are extremely fun (and unique.)

The biggest differences are in the large features. The Hanger Park has a slide, a giant tower that you can jump off of, soft pillars to climb, and a beanstalk that's super fun to climb. Meanwhile the Rocky Mountain Park has the hot dog, the climbing net, and the wobbly blocks. It also has a cool chimney (shown below.)

Climbing the Reflective Chimney at the Rocky Mountain Climb Park 

Other Things to Know about the CCC Rocky Mountain Location

The Calgary Climbing Centre is a great location for birthday parties with party rooms located beside the climb park. Children don't need to know how to climb and all gear is provided - making it an excellent party option.

The Centre is also a great place to visit if you already know how to climb (with the tallest climbing walls in Calgary.) It's quite impressive actually to come watch the other climbers doing their thing.

Climbing the "Molecules" Wall with one of the regular climbing walls in the background

For complete information please visit the Calgary Climbing Centre's website

My family is very excited to go back to the climb park again in the future and my husband is already talking about buying an annual pass for the regular climbing area.

Climbing the giant net at the Rocky Mountain Climb Park

Disclaimer: My family received complimentary passes to climb in the park at the Rocky Mountain location for this review. As always, all words and opinions are my own. 

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