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Mount Engadine Lodge Glamping Experience (expect decadence!)

I don't know if you've ever gone winter camping before, but I just spent a night in a tent last month (my first time in a tent with snow on the ground,) and I would happily do it again - the "Mount Engadine Lodge way!"

Camping "The Mount Engadine Lodge Way"

Camping "The Mount Engadine Lodge Way"

I gave up sleeping on the ground in a tent years ago, but fortunately that's not part of the "glamping" package at Mount Engadine Lodge in the Spray Valley of Kananaskis.

Spend a night or two (more if you can) at Mount Engadine Lodge and you can expect nothing but comfort, decadence, and indulgence.

Mount Engadine Lodge Glamping Tents 

The Glamping Experience includes:

  • An "elevated" camping experience where you sleep in a canvas walled trappers tent, raised off the ground and accessed by a wooden walkway from the road.

  • Sleeping in comfort! There's no sleeping bags or cold hard ground here. Each glamping tent includes one king sized bed which can be split into two twins if sharing with a friend. There's also a pull out sofa for parents who want to bring the kids along.

  • Heat!!! You won't be shivering in your sleeping bag, waiting for the sun to come up when you camp at Mount Engadine. Each tent includes a propane fireplace and when the temperature drops, a second propane heater can be added for additional comfort.

  • Indoor heated bathrooms (in your tent!!) - I was pleasantly surprised by this one and had been expecting to have to run to the main lodge if I needed a pee break in the night.

  • No Cooking!! Tell me about the last time you went camping and didn't have to lift a finger to do any cooking or camp chores? I suspect most of you can't answer that one. At Mount Engadine, the lodge prepares all of your meals from the comfort of the main lodge. All you are expected to do is to rest, to relax, and to enjoy.

A look at the interior of our cozy glamping tent at Mount Engadine Lodge

This is camping with none of the work and none of the hardship or discomfort. It's all about other people taking care of YOU. (Moms' weekend away, hello!!)

Much better than sleeping bags on the ground in a cold tent!

Moms' Weekend away at Mount Engadine Lodge 

I visited the lodge last month with a girlfriend for a night and we had a delightful weekend away without any chores, responsibilities, children to take care of, or work to do. It was our time to play and to rest.

Mount Engadine Lodge Moms' Weekend Away 

Read our story and check out our photos below: 

We chose to stay at the lodge Saturday night so that we could spend two full days skiing and hiking in Kananaskis, while only spending one night away from our families. 

We spent Saturday skiing on the trails around Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and then we arrived at the lodge in time for afternoon tea, a charcuterie board and dessert (included with all stays.) We then enjoyed a couple of hours relaxing by the fireplace in the main lodge with books we were finally getting a chance to read.

Day one at Mount Engadine Lodge 

Dinner was served at 7pm and was a decadent three-course feast. It was a far cry from the pasta and chicken fingers my family would have been eating at home. And, as all parents of young children will be able to relate to, it was absolutely glorious being able to just sit and enjoy a meal, start to end, without ever having to get up. And to enjoy dinner for over an hour was quite a treat too!

The lodge is also amazing at customizing meals for guests so don't worry if you need to to contact the lodge before your stay to request special gluten free, Vegan, lactose free... meals (whatever your need, the lodge will do their best to accommodate you and will work around allergies as well.) - with enough advanced notice!

Dinner at Mount Engadine Lodge 

We retired early in the evening and retreated to our cozy tent, thankfully warming up with an additional heater that had been added (God forbid we'd actually feel like we were camping after all.) 

Another look at our raised tent at Mount Engadine Lodgde

The next day started with a delicious hot breakfast (with two choices to select from) and ordering our lunches to go for the day. The lodge packs bagged lunches for all guests with sandwiches (made with freshly baked bread,) and other snacks as chosen by the guest (lots of homemade cookies in mine.)

Morning at Mount Engadine Lodge 

We checked out of the lodge around 10:30 am and headed to the nearby Rummel Lake trailhead, conveniently located across the road for guests staying an extra night. We enjoyed a scenic hike up to the lake, and then drove home with plenty of time to rejoin our families for dinner.

Hiking to Rummel Lake from Mount Engadine Lodge

Read More about Mount Engadine Lodge

I've stayed here a "few" times now and have several stories you can read if you'd like to learn more about the full Mount Engadine Lodge experience.
Scenery like this is a short hike away from the lodge

So far, I've been fortunate enough to have stayed in one of the rooms upstairs in the main lodge, in one of the larger suites in the main lodge (great for families or guests traveling with their dog,) in the "palace" next door - my name for the two-bedroom Whiskey Jack Cabin located a short walk away from the main lodge, in the yurt (an authentic camping experience,) and now in one of the brand new glamping tents. - I may like Mount Engadine Lodge just a "little bit."

Family Winter Getaways at Mount Engadine Lodge - staying in the Whiskey Jack Cabin 

Paradise at Mount Engadine Lodge - our very first visit where we enjoyed some glorious snowshoeing at Chester Lake 

And, find more awesome places to try glamping here: Alberta Comfort Camping Destination Guide 

The Spray Valley has incredible views (and this bench is a 40 min. hike up from the lodge)

Please visit the Mount Engadine Website for more information on rates, packages at the lodge, and the various kinds of accommodations at the lodge. 

Disclaimer: Our visit was sponsored for this review. As always, all words and opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated beyond the stay.

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