Saturday, September 08, 2012

Seize the Day and Colour it Golden - Autumn is Here!

It's really hard to believe fall is here.  It feels like only yesterday that I was planning out our summer, making campground reservations, and worrying about the big annual climbing trip.  Now I need to get myself organized and start making some plans for winter.  I can't even begin to think about snow right now when it's in the high 20's and gloriously sunny!

That being said, I was on Global Morning News here in Calgary this morning talking about my favourite fall hikes to do in the Banff area and my Top Autumn Hikes Story just appeared in the fall issue of Calgary's Child.  If you live in the Calgary area, you can pick up a copy everywhere around the city.  Otherwise, click on the link above to read the full story on Calgary's Child's Website.  To watch my interview, follow this link to the Global News Website.

September at Sunshine Meadows, Banff

In preparation for the change of seasons, I've also updated my Spring Hikes Page.  It is now called Spring and Fall Hiking and can be found as a tab at the top of the website.  Many of you have told me how much you like having the Spring Hikes up year round so rather than remove the page for winter, I added a few Autumn favourites and the page will be a permanent feature on my blog.  Most of the hikes are good shoulder season trips that can be done in either spring or fall when snow persists after a long winter or has started to fall higher up in the Rockies.

October at Cat Creek Falls, Kananaskis

Two other stories I want to draw your attention to are my previous ones on Life After Summer in the Mountains.  Part One focuses on the clothing you'll need for fall hiking and Part Two focuses on great hikes you'll enjoy through November until you transition to skis or snowshoes.  I also talk about why you should continue to get out to the mountains in October or November when everything is getting dark, the grass is brown, and snow is starting to fall.  We've enjoyed some fabulous hikes in the shoulder season and it was my aim in writing these posts that you'd find the same enjoyment.

Larch Valley in September, Lake Louise

Finally, if you're up for more reading over your Sunday coffee, here are some other favourites:

Autumn Family Trip to Lake O'Hara
  • Our Backcountry Trip at the Elizabeth Parker Hut, Lake O'Hara in September, 2012
Lake O'Hara in September

A Stress Free Day in the Mountains
  • Hiking Sundance Canyon in October
The Paved Trail leading to Sundance Canyon

November in Banff
  • Hiking The Fenland Trail
  • Exploring Cascade Ponds and Lake Minnewanka
  • Hiking up Tunnel Mountain
  • Skating on Johnston Lake
Skating Season in Banff on Johnston Lake


  1. Hi, Have just read your story (and seen the photos) of Lake O'Hara in autumn. They are stunning photos. The colours are amazing. Our autumn trees are definitely not as vibrant as what you get in Canada!

    We travelled there a number of years ago, and I remember we took a lot of photos of autumn leaves around Vancouver (even when they were on the ground!! How tragic is that??!!!).

    Seeing all of your photos, makes me want to visit again!

    Regards, ANNIE @ Go Camping Australia

    1. Thanks Annie. I hope you'll come back to visit again some day. we have to get to Australia sometime.

  2. That is some of the most impressive scenery I have ever seen. Is the foliage pretty much over up there now? We are just getting started here in Massachusetts.

    Tanya, I know we don't know each other but I've actually been to Australia! I spent 5 months there when I turned 21. It is an incredible place and I really recommend you make time to go.